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Why You Can’t Ignore Instagram Marketing?

With over 500 million daily users and everyone from teens to millennials sharing and viewing photos and videos, Instagram is no longer considered simply an awareness-driven tool. As a matter of fact, Instagram is a marketing force to be reckoned with.

As of October 2020, Instagram has grown to a whopping 1 billion monthly active usersIt positions Instagram behind Facebook (2.7 billion) but ahead of most other social media platforms, including TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest.

Although Facebook is leading in numbers, Instagram has better statistics particularly in terms of engagement. All in all, Facebook has more reach but Instagram wins in gaining a very strong following.

Instagram content creation

Monthly Active users of Social Platforms in Oct 2020. Source: Datareportal

Instagram Is the King of Social Engagement

Instagram is perceived as the “King of social engagement”, delivering 29% more engagement than Facebook and 60% more than Twitter. 63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day. This takes high performing text content and visual content into consideration.

Unlike Facebook, there are no links allowed in posts and comments on Instagram. Brands trying to build a following must invest in visually appealing content to keep engagement high. And this real engagement turns into sales and loyal customers. 

Creating on-going visual content on Instagram is a highly demanding task in terms of time and creativity. If you need extra hands, let us know.

Instagram content creation

Instagram content creation

Examples of IH Digital’s product photography

Instagram Becomes More Commerce Friendly

Instagram users are more than simply engaged, they’re also online shoppers. 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website after looking at an Instagram advertising post. Over 70% of Instagram users report making purchase decisions while browsing the app so if you’re not incorporating it into your social media marketing, you’re missing out billions of potential customers.

In addition, Instagram continuously adding new features to gear towards increasing the platform’s effectiveness for business owners. In November 2020, Instagram launched the product tagging feature, where a business owner can take advantage of Shoppable posts to direct users to their online stores.

Augustinus Bader Instagram Shop

Shoppable post on Instagram

Over 130 million users engage with shopping posts every month, proving that this feature is useful in driving both product awareness and sales. While direct sales usually aren’t the primary function of social media, there’s no doubt that having high conversion rates is an unexpected bonus.

Interested in driving sales conversion through Instagram? Contact us to learn how to leverage Instagram for e-commerce marketing.

Don’t Miss Out A Good Chance to Build Engagement

To make the most of the marketing potential of Instagram, you need to invest your time in creative execution and leverage on conversion-driven features. Contact us if you have more questions about Instagram Marketing.

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