360° Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

360° Digital Marketing Agency

Here at IH Digital, we offer 360° digital marketing services for your business. As a matter of fact, our end-to-end solutions helped many businesses generate leads and drive sales.

As a digital marketing agency, we also love playing with creativity. That is to say, we make sure we tailor our solutions to your needs and goals.

By all means, our team always aims to create and implement the right marketing strategy. After all, our mission is to achieve the best results in line with your marketing goals.

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Why IH Digital?

  1. 360° Digital Marketing Agency – We provide comprehensive digital marketing services. For instance, we offer content, social, search, influencer and advertising services.
  2. Efficient, Effective & Transparent – We have a highly experienced Account Management team and in-house resources.
  3. Certified & Knowledgeable Team – We have 80+ digital marketing specialists committed to meet your marketing demands.
  4. Excellent Track Record – We have a proven track record as a regional digital marketing agency. We have been providing great results since 2006.

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Our Digital Marketing Agency in Numbers

IH Digital - Our Agency in Numbers

IH Digital has been in the digital marketing industry for 14 years. In 2006, it started with a vision that marketing in Asia will be complex. Thus, IH Digital was formed to simplify Asia marketing for you.

In the span of 14 years, we have gained the trust of over 100 blue-chip companies in the region. We had clients in various industries, namely healthcare, travel, real estate, beauty, personal care, automobile, FMCG, and more.

Together with our partners, we have launched hundreds of campaigns online. Additionally, we are managing over 150 active social media pages and websites.

To account for the hard work, our account management team is truly committed to sustaining and further improving client satisfaction.

Our Media Partnerships & Agency Affiliations

SAP’s Marketing Services Bureau

IH Digital has been certified as part of SAP’s Marketing Service Bureau (MSB) for the Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region.

In detail, the MSB is a panel of marketing service agencies that support SAP partners in their marketing. Generally, the purpose is to help clients buy, build, implement, serve, support and run the SAP solution that best fits their unique marketing needs.

In this case, marketing services offered by IH Digital for SAP partners are available on the SAP Virtual Agency portal. Thus, SAP partners who intend to purchase our services through this portal may apply to SAP for funding support.

Singapore Government Accredited

IH Singapore is one of the chosen digital agencies by the Singapore government to carry out its whole-of-government (WOG) initiatives.

Since appointed by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), we are one of the few agencies responsible for supporting WOG communication and marketing campaigns. The supportable services chiefly include creative conceptualizing, planning, execution and media buying.

Google Partner

We are a certified Google partner with proven knowledge of Google ad products. This includes SEM, Keyword Planner, and Google Analytics in particular.

Our team is also certified in Google Adwords. In fact, we have access to Google training, as well as account support. Moreover, we have experienced individuals trained to help you improve your SEM campaigns.

Sina Weibo Official Partner Agency for SEA

IH Digital is the appointed Sina Weibo’s Official Partner Agency in Southeast Asia. For this, we are able to provide Weibo advertising solutions to interested businesses.

We also support Weibo account verification services to companies outside China. In fact, we have offices located throughout Southeast Asia ready to support your Weibo campaign.

Baidu Authorized Reseller

IH Digital China is an authorized Baidu reseller since 2014. This allows us to resell Baidu advertising spaces across Southeast Asia, except for Singapore.

Our media specialists are trained in Baidu Search and Baidu Display (Baidu Union). They are also knowledgeable on a wide range of Baidu Premium offerings.

Tencent Sales Partner for WeChat Ads and More

We are an official sales partner of Tencent. This backs up our ability to support WeChat account and advertising services in the region.

ByteDance Official Sales Partner

As an official sales partner of ByteDance, we are now able to support TikTok ads in Southeast Asia. Aside from TikTok, we are also able to reinforce advertising on other ByteDance platforms. This includes DouYin, TouTiao, XiGua, HuoShan and more.

To know more, read our press release here.

Our Digital Marketing Methodology

At IH Digital, we developed a methodology that has helped many businesses meet their goals. This approach has proven to be an effective strategy. It has helped boost campaigns and stand out from the online competition.

Our Digital Marketing Methodology

The IH Digital Marketing Methodology is composed of three stages: create, distribute, and amplify. In here, we’ll break down the three stages, including the solutions we offer.

Create content to provide owned media for online engagement. Today, it’s important to have your own digital assets. For instance, you can write blogs, create an infographic or produce video content. Ultimately, you can also build your own website, which we highly recommend.

In this stage, we offer the following services: Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Development, Digital Video

Distribute the content created across a variety of platforms to secure earned media. Now that you have owned media, it’s time you distribute it to the most appropriate channels. For example, you can choose to put it out on your own via social media or e-commerce platform. Or rather, you can engage an influencer to do the distribution for you.

To drive attention to your content, we offer the following services: Social Media Marketing, Messenger Marketing, Influencer Marketing, E-Commerce

Amplify your content to maximise your paid media and multiply your reach. Sometimes, distributing on your own can be a little tricky. Not to mention that some of your competitors are doing paid ads. But, if you allocate an advertising budget to amplify your content, then you’re on the right track.

With this, we offer the following services: Search Marketing, Digital Advertising

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Creative, versatile, and fast, IH Digital showcased great visual and storytelling prowess in helping GSC develop great commercial video content that is within the budget and timeline. We are excited to see where else we can go with IH in the coming years and look forward to working with them to bring the same dynamic energy to our digital media strategies.

In the past year since we began working with IH Digital, they have provided us with timely and useful insights and advice on our social media strategies. They are flexible, fast-paced and reliable, and have gone above and beyond in fulfilling our requests even at the very last minute to keep up with our needs. All-in-all IH Digital has played a key role in the growth of our social media channels and have been excellent to work with.

IH has provided good value add, great insights and initiated some great recommendations for both our tactical and long term media buys. This has been integral to Income as we constantly look for new ways to challenge the dynamic digital landscape. IH also provides prompt reports and is ever helpful with our questions and queries. They are responsible, diligent and respectful to the clients and are a delight to work with. As such, our portfolio with IH has grown over the years.

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation towards IH Digital for helping Honda Malaysia in hitting our Facebook fans mark. Renewing Honda Malaysia’s Facebook is one of the most successful communication projects in Honda Malaysia and it is helping a lot to enhance our brand. Thank you again for your great support and we hope that our Facebook site keeps growing to greater heights with the support of IH Digital’s team.

We made IH Digital bend their backs to constantly push the frontier of social media marketing to be in line with our box office breaking objective and they luv the challenge.



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