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What is Facebook Page Transparency and How Does It Work?

facebook page transparency and ad library news
Today, Facebook is making significant steps to bring more transparency to ads. Due to previous issues piling up on Facebook ads, the public demanded more transparency on how ads are being filtered and what companies are running ads on the platform. As part of the upgrade, Facebook decided to give users more information on the ads they see as well as businesses and organizations with established pages on the social platform. Here’s how you can make use of the new Facebook feature:
  1. Visit a business page.
  2. You will find a tab named Page Transparency wherein you can view basic but useful information about the business such as:
    • When the page was created
    • The page’s past names (if any)
    • How often the page has changed its name page has changed its name
Facebook is also expanding access to its Ad Library framework so that journalists, regulators and others can investigate ads in terms of political ads. But first, let’s learn the basics of this new Facebook feature – the Ad Library.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

The Ad Library is a feature on Facebook that provides advertising transparency through a comprehensive presentation of a searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook products. Any Facebook user can freely navigate the Ad Library with or without a Facebook account. In the library, you can view all active ads, regardless if you were not included in the advertiser’s target audience.

How does the Ad Library work?

The Ad Library allows users to view all active ads about any topic. One may simply search for the page or keyword using the search bar. Here’s an example by Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur for an easy reference.
Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
As shown in the image above, Facebook now shows you detailed insights, aside from the active ads, including:
  • Page creation date, previous page merges, and name changes
  • Primary country location of people who manage the page
In addition, users can also report an ad for policy violations directly from within the library. This feature allows users to help Facebook identify pages using questionable tactics and/or spread misinformation. Furthermore, it helps users easily spot ad accounts that have the potential to do harm. The ability to see exactly what ads a Facebook page is running is particularly useful for your business. The new Facebook Ad Transparency is one step towards earning back user trust. The majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organizations including IH Digital, who is fully compliant with the new Facebook Ads Transparency policy.

Now that Facebook manages Page Transparency for you. It’s time you add more value to your Facebook page to increase your followers! But how?

Aside from gaining online credibility, it is also a must for businesses on Facebook to create meaningful content and images. This way, your followers will tremendously increase in no time. But this is no piece of cake if you have little time to manage a full-time Facebook page. This is when you will need a digital marketing agency like IH Digital whose only aim is to give you a simplified but effective social media marketing strategy from content writing to community management. Many business owners choose to partner with a digital marketing agency to manage their social media page and ad campaigns. Interested in partnering with a digital marketing agency? Speak with our Marketing Expert through this contact form.
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Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools Every Marketer Must Know

Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools Every Marketer Must Know

Have you been using Facebook ads for your business but the results seem to be declining? Something that you might be overlooking is the Facebook Power 5 Ad tools which are useful to get your Facebook ads automatically optimized in real-time. 

What Are These Facebook Power 5 Tools?

Facebook’s Power 5 tools aim to give marketers a helping hand by using the platform’s machine learning to drive better results for their campaigns. Find these 5 noteworthy tools below and explore better opportunities for your business:

#1: Facebook Auto Advanced Matching

Facebook Pixel is a tool that analyses the actions users do on your website. Once it’s been set up, every time a visitor interacts on your website, the pixel is “fired” and is then sent to you on Events Manager, so you can make use of the data.

Auto advanced matching improves your business ad performance by allowing Facebook to make use of users’ input fields—such as name, phone number, email, state, and zip code along with your pixel events to accurately connect you with website visitors that are more like to convert. 

Benefits of Auto Advanced Matching:

  • Boost attributed conversions – The additional information that Facebook has collected is used to match up your conversions and increase the impact of your ads.   
  • Expand your audience size – Facebook accurately ascribes users on your website and in the platform itself, which can expand the size of your Custom Audience 
  • Decrease the cost per conversion – Facebook can efficiently identify and deliver your ads to people who are more likely to convert and lower your cost. 

#2: Facebook Account Simplification

Make things simple especially your account and campaigns. This allows Facebook’s machine learning to automatically test and optimise your ad placements for better results.

Benefits of Account Simplification:

  • Limits audience overlap – By simplifying your ad, you can reduce the competing with yourself, which can happen when you are using too many ad sets. This prevents you from losing impressions and increasing your ad cost.
  • Automatically optimise your budget.

#3: Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) is one of Facebook’s most useful Al tools. This tool helps distribute spend across your top-performing ad sets. Although, you can still set a budget for your campaigns but not at an ad set level.

Benefits of Campaign Budget Optimization:

  • Efficiently spend your budget – Facebook is always looking advantageous audience and opportunities to spend your budget on.
  • Reduce time managing campaigns.
  • Ensures you maximise the value of your campaign.

#4: Facebook Automatic Placements

This ad tool assists marketers to make use of Facebook’s machine learning to better understand and identify your audience. Automatic placements enable Facebook to place your ads in front of your target audiences across all default placements. 

Benefits of Automatic Placement:

  • Controls cost – Facebook can identify results with the widest range possible. This helps you to make efficient use of your budget per ad set.
  • More conversions – It accurately ascribes where conversions come from.

#5: Facebook Dynamic Ads

This tool is one of the most powerful amongst the power 5 because this targets users based on their exact behaviour online to be able to send them the most relevant ads possible. Dynamic ads can either be in a type of single image, carousel, or collection ad. These ads are only served once users interact or have triggered an event. 

Benefits of Dynamic Ads:

  • Ads tailored to users’ interests – Facebook automatically delivers the right ad to the right person based on their interactions across your website, app, or somewhere else. 
  • Encourage the completion of sale – Dynamic ads remind and promote the products that visitors browsed on your website and mobile app.  

Get your Facebook ads optimised by an experienced digital marketing agency!

Are you looking into boosting your social media marketing campaigns? Let IH Digital help you build up your online marketing initiatives on Facebook. Drop us a message to learn more. 

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore which has presence across multiple countries in Southeast Asia and in Greater China. We have helped many companies within the region ultimately lift their sales up with effective digital campaigns.

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Sofina Taps Digital Marketing Agency To Drive E-Commerce Traffic

IH Digital Beauty Marketing_Sofina

Today, having an e-commerce platform is just as important as having a physical store that customers can walk into. With more and more people turning to their laptops, tablets and mobile phones to go about their daily lives, it’s crucial that you are easy to reach and effortless to find when the desire to purchase suddenly strikes.

But while having an e-commerce presence is valuable, it won’t get you anywhere until you make the effort to promote it. That is why for Sofina, enlisting the help of Singapore digital marketing agency IH Digital was key in ramping up their sales efforts for the hugely popular Singles’ Day or 11.11.


Besides the holidays, the 11th of November is a crucial date for all brands in Asia. It’s a date marked by people weeks—even months ahead. Despite being a relatively new name in Singapore, as they only launched in April 2018, Sofina <>, ensured they were prepared to edge out their competitors for the deluge of paid advertisements fighting for online sales.

sofina online sale advertisement

In the run-up to the 11.11 promotion, they ran a series of paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram with the help of IH Digital. With other beauty brands deploying a barrage of ads, it was imperative that paid advertisements ran days before the actual start of the promotion. To ensure that Sofina maximises their reach during this highly competitive period, the ads were also placed on Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Newsfeed and Instagram Stories.

sofina show now ad button

The series of paid ads also paved the way for stronger brand awareness and impression. No matter which ad from the series Sofina’s audience sees, it all featured a ‘Shop Now’ button that took them to the brand’s e-commerce website.


Are you wondering how paid marketing campaigns can help your brand? Through this, you can ride on the hype of a holiday or event like 11.11 to boost brand awareness and bolster brand recall. 

sofina paid marketing campaign

Moreover, paid advertisements are far more effective in driving traffic to your e-commerce platforms. With a ‘Shop Now’ button in place, all that’s left for your customer to do is to click to make their purchase. Even better, paid advertisements offer a secondary perk: an increase in followers with all the new audiences your ads reach.


Need a content marketing agency to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services for your beauty brand? Let IH Digital, one of the top social media agencies in Asia, help you along the way. Get in touch with us < to learn more.

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How To Win In Digital Marketing: The History of Whoo’s Sampling Campaign


The competition in the beauty industry is no walk in the park. Besides up-and-coming local brands gaining your audience’s attention, international names are also permeating local markets with their global appeal. With such cutthroat contest for awareness, sales and customer retention, how do you put your best face forward and present a winning digital marketing strategy?

Launching for the first time in Thailand, popular beauty brand The History of Whoo tapped digital marketing agency IH Digital to devise a strategy that would drive store visits and help them build a customer base.


The History of Whoo Event

With The History of Whoo staging an event on 4th to 10th October in Thailand’s upscale shopping mall EmQuartier, how can they encourage potential customers’ to visit the event?

The History of Whoo Microsite

Together with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Asia, the brand created a microsite where customers can register for free samples. The samples can then be redeemed at the event. The one-page site was also another opportunity for the brand. Through this, they are able to capture valuable customer data that can be used in succeeding marketing campaigns.

The History of Whoo Social Media Posts

Social media content was also deployed on Facebook and Instagram to further bolster awareness of the product sampling campaign. From the stars attending to what they can expect at the event, the social media posts helped pique customers’ interest and encourage them to swing by the event.


Need a digital marketing agency to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services for your beauty brand? Whether it’s creating a social media strategy for your next event or executing video marketing campaigns for the next big holiday, a digital marketing agency like IH Digital will help you along the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: 3 Ways To Engage Millennial Users

Social Media Marketing Tips: 3 Ways To Engage Millennial UsersSocial Media Marketing Tips: 3 Ways To Engage Millennial Users

We all know millennials have a very short attention span. With the fast-paced industry of social media, millennials can be a quite difficult group to engage with. Although they are known for their savvy use of internet and mobile phones, we cannot deny the fact that Millennials cannot be in one setting for a day. They are on ears for trendy things whether in fashion or gadgets, that is why millennials are a good target group for online advertising because they are up to date. Here are some ways to tap the hearts of millennial users for a successful social media marketing campaign:


Your friend is your creativity. Millennials tend to be busy and on the go, they have a short attention span that in one single sound can distract their concentration. Make them engage by creating a diverse range of creative inputs. Try new things and explore new ways; think of something that will tap their interest. Create a Facebook Video about fashion, gadgets and other topics that could gain their attention. Aside from producing catchy images and videos, use words as a primary tool to keep your campaign forward. Establish a connection between your brand and its fans by using hashtag campaigns or generate conversation through surveys, competitions or contest. There are a lot of ways to be creative, and options are limitless, try to explore and you’ll see that your social media strategy will be a great success.

Social Media Marketing Tips: 3 Ways To Engage Millennial Users

Honda Malaysia Great Longevity Rewards


The world is changing from time to time. Make sure that what you post is timely and relevant from the time being. Millennials tend to be online 24 hours a day, which means they are updated with the latest trends and hot topics in social media. It is vital for a digital marketing campaign to be on top of current events, use it as a tool to gain more attention from your target audience. Remember that the hotter the topic is, the better!


Digital agencies tend to use an array of platforms to promote their brand. Hence, for online advertising to be successful it needs to have that all arounder content. In other words, create a marketing content that can be shared across multiple platforms in multiple devices. Avoid being caged in generic content since millennials have the ability to be anywhere on social media.


Looking for a digital agency that could satisfy your online advertising and digital marketing needs? Don’t waste too much effort on finding one, we at IH Digital could make that happen for you. You can contact us to know more about our company and the services we offer.

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4 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch in 2019


As the new year arrives, expect an array of new and exciting digital marketing trends in tow. While many of the trends we’ve seen in the past year will remain relevant in 2019, it’s still important for brands to take note of emerging and still-evolving techniques to keep your digital and social media marketing strategies sharp as ever. Take a look at the four trends to look out for in digital marketing.


The popularity of chatbots can’t be denied. It’s been around for a couple of years but it still shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, according to Business Insider, 80% of businesses intend to use chatbots by 2020.

With its indispensable ability to reach and engage customers any time of the day, chatbots fill in the limitations of the human workforce. Indeed, chatbots are bound to become an important customer service option thanks to their ability to respond faster and smarter.


In 2019, micro influencers will take centre stage. Unlike influencers, who are celebrities or big-time bloggers with a large following, micro-influencers are usually individuals with less than 10,000 followers. Despite having fewer followers, studies have shown that micro-influencers actually generate more engagement per post.


A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

With the help of micro-influencers, brands can harness the power of relatability and higher conversion. How? While engaging a celebrity with millions of followers can help brands reach a bigger audience, not all the celebrity’s followers may be interested in what you’re offering. But if brands tap into the power of a micro-influencer with a specific interest, they are more likely to build greater rapport with those pool of potential customers.


Have you been incorporating video into your content marketing strategy? Now’s not the time to slow down as video remains on top. In particular, live video is expected to lead the way in video content strategies. A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

Honda Malaysia Facebook Live video at KLIMS 2018 Motorshow

From Facebook Live to Instagram Live, the possibilities are endless for brands to great as creative and as engaging as they can. Other formats that are expected to rise in popularity are 360-degree video content and vertical videos. The latter is especially popular on Instagram. In fact, over 75% of millennials watch videos in this format.


Technological advancements are also seeping their way into digital marketing. One global trend to look out for is augmented reality. Through this immersive technology, brands can incorporate visual elements–such as their products–onto an actual space.


Need a digital marketing agency in Malaysia to provide content marketing services that could cater to any of your digital needs? From video marketing to social media marketing and SEO to China marketing, IH Digital will help you plan and execute your campaigns. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Social Media Marketing: Engage Your Fans with Wall Contests


No social media strategy is complete without wall contests. It is, after all, an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. This 2018, social media contests remain effective as long as you do them right. How? By zeroing in on what’s relevant for your customers, experimenting with different ideas, and choosing the right prize.

No matter what your brand is, it’s always a good idea to reward fans with giveaways or engage them with exciting contests. Fill-in-the-blank activities or complete the sentence formats remain attractive. But consider shaking things up with creatively executed Facebook contests that are simple, easy and interesting. Here, we curate some new wall contest and giveaway ideas that will surely be a hit among your devoted followers.


Grab the opportunity for stellar branding by utilizing GIFs for your contest. For Golden Village, they used their popular mascot, Mr Popcorn, to star in their simple wall contest in celebration of GV Movie Club’s 11th anniversary. Fans only needed to take a screenshot when all the candles are lit and post the photo in the comment section together with their details for a chance to win a gift card. Simple and catchy, the contest ran for seven days and garnered more than 600 social actions.


Kaolaurier turned a Facebook wall contest into an opportunity to garner public opinion about their products’ new look. Through a 360 photo, the brand asked fans to simply scroll through the image and share what is their favourite packaging among the newly launched ones. The social media contest generated over 20,000 Likes, 340 Comments and 268 Shares.


For PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, wall contests are not just a means to hike up engagement or boost followers. Through simple and straight-to-the-point GIF animations, PUB is able to raise awareness of water conservation. One of the GIF wall contests they created with IH Digital asked fans to figure out which character took a shorter shower. Fans needed to respond using Facebook Reaction icons.


Need new ideas to drive your social media campaigns? Let IH Digital, an experienced digital marketing agency in Malaysia help you create strategic wall contests. Get in touch with us today.

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How To Make A Great Brand Impression On Social Media

Build a great brand impression on social media! | Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the easiest way to reach your target market, and engage with influencers and brand ambassadors. Many start-ups use social media to introduce their brand because it’s the easiest to learn and also the cheapest. However, it is not easy to compete for attention on social media. Most businesses are just creating posts that don’t really create an impact. To avoid this, take a look at these tips which might help you create a great impression on social media.

Know your brand

You have to know your brand’s identity that when they ask you what it is, you can answer confidently even with your eyes closed. Your brand identity is how you will present your brand to the public. If you know your brand, you now have the idea who your target audience will be and how you want them to remember you. It will be easy for you to create a great brand impression on social media.

Decide on your social media objective first

Now that you have familiarized yourself to your brand and target audience, you can start to plan how your brand will be presented on social media. Remember that the first impression is the key to win your audience’s approval–whether they’ll like you or not; whether they follow your page or ignore it so be sure you plan it carefully.

Create a bond with your target audience

Build a great brand impression on social media! | Social media marketing
Araya Malaysia created a Facebook advertisement about their feminine wash which its target audience could relate to. Photo Courtesy: Araya Malaysia Facebook Page

 If you think that posting on social media alone can win your audience, you will only waste time and effort on each post. To win the attention of your target audience means creating a bond with them. How? Create relatable content. You can also create a striking title that makes them want to dig deeper and know your brand even more. Creating these will make them develop a bond to you which helps your brand get more likes, shares, and attractive comments in the future.

Attach an eye-catching image or video to your content

Visual is the face and post description is the heart of your social media posts. When people meet you for the first time, they first notice your outer appearance because they don’t know you yet. You are judged by how you look and dress up. The same thing goes when you are creating your first brand impression on social media. Your audience will first notice the image or video you post so make sure to create one that is so eye-catching they can’t even resist not knowing about it.


Write an effective call-to-action

One thing you shouldn’t forget is to write an enticing call-to-action. This is your way of inviting them to support your brand through likes, comments, follows, views, and of course to buy your products or avail your service. You’ve done your part, now they will do their part too.

Build a great brand impression on social media! | Social media marketing
Frehkon Malaysia created a Facebook advertisement with a call-to-action inviting all to their Buy 3 Take 1 Free promo on Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses. Photo Courtesy: Freshkon Malaysia Facebook Page

Keep it short and simple

With different people and brands posting on social media, it is better to keep your content short and simple. According to research, Malaysians spend 3 hours a day on social media. With your audience’s time divided between work, family, and other activities outside social media, important to engage them quickly.

If you still need help on how to manage your social media for business, check out other blogs create by IH Digital. You can also consult with us, a digital marketing agency that plans, strategizes, and implements digital and social media marketing strategies with expertise and experience. We help you create great content for your brand’s social media. Get in touch with us today.

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Social Media Marketing: EVA Air Celebrates Being Most Loved Airline


With the help of digital marketing agency IH Digital, EVA Air took over Atrium 2 of Central World in Bangkok as they celebrated being one of the most loved airlines and promoted their three most loved destinations – Taipei, Vienna and New York. The event, which was aptly called “Most Loved Airlines, Most Loved Destinations 2018”, drew travellers eager to fly to the Taiwanese international airline’s exciting routes.

IH-Digital_EVA-Air-Event-Ticket Selling Booth

The event caught the attendees’ interests with its engaging activities, promotions, packages, and more. Throughout the two-day event, attendees were also able to enjoy special discounts and promotions on air tickets to Taipei, Vienna or New York.

A dedicated zone per destination allowed the crowd to experience what each country has to offer as well. For the Taipei route, EVA Air created a Taiwan Food Street Zone where eventgoers could discover the various street foods Taipei is known for. At the New York Zone, a photo booth was set up to take attendees to New York and bring home a photo souvenir. Meanwhile, at the Vienna Zone, an interactive game turned up the excitement with great prizes awaiting eager attendees.


One of the highlights of the event included a chance for attendees to meet and talk with the top travel bloggers behind 1000Miles Journey from Taiwan and Travelkanuman from Vienna. Ajarn Adam also stepped up on stage and lit up the event with his stories of travelling and living in New York. It wasn’t all travel and talk though, as 2Popetorn entertained the crowd with several musical performances.


For EVA Air, promoting their offline event meant capitalizing on their strong social media presence. Together with IH Digital, promotion kicked off three weeks prior to the event. Through an event post featuring a celebrity silhouette, EVA Air was able to grab attention, pique interest and generate buzz for their event. The social media strategy included a carousel post which drove traffic to EVA Air’s event blog and a photo post which encouraged shares in exchange for a surprise gift from EVA Air.

On the day of the event, EVA Air continued its Facebook updates to keep fans engaged and to further drive foot traffic to the event. The social media efforts also did not wrap up once the event did. EVA Air capped off their social media marketing strategy by announcing the winners to several Facebook wall contests a few days after the event.

Whether your event is offline or online, integrating social media into your event is crucial. Doing this not only gets the word out but engages the audience’s attention as well. Let IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, help your brand create a seamless content strategy to promote your events online through unique, quality content. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our services can boost your social media campaigns!

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Digital Marketing: Kao Laurier Taps Facebook Live for Mega Launch Event

IH Digital | Digital Marketing | Facebook Live | Laurier

Uncut, real and in-the-moment, Facebook Live remains to be one of the best ways to communicate your brand’s key messages through video content on social media. From showcasing your products to providing a behind-the-scenes look into your brand, Facebook Live is a digital marketing strategy that is teeming with unique content ideas.

For Kao Laurier Malaysia, they utilized the power of Facebook Live to massively promote the mega concourse launch event of their all-new Kao Laurier packaging. Over 4 minutes long, the Facebook Live video stream of the Laurier All-New Laurier Mega Launch Event allowed fans to feel part of the celebration no matter they were.

This Facebook video, hosted by Bella Zahir, toured viewers around the event held at Sunway Velocity Mall.  Some of the activities at the event were a free-for-all swing booth, photo frame booth, magazine wall, looper booth and sampling station. IH Digital executed the Facebook Live video, which has garnered over 108,705 video views—exceeding its target of 40,000 video views.


Why do you need to include Facebook Live videos in your social media marketing strategy? Take a look at the reports below.

    • Facebook Live videos are viewed 3x longer than videos that aren’t live
    • Facebook Live garners comments at 10x the rate of regular videos
    • 1 in every 5 Facebook videos is actually a Facebook Live video


Facebook’s Live streaming video was first launched in 2015. Since then, it has become an effective way to boost social media engagement. Moreover, it’s also effective in generating leads and building buzz.

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your video marketing strategy? Let IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia specializing in social media management, digital marketing, content marketing and more, help you find the ideal approach for your brand. Get in touch with us today!