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ConvaTec – New IH Digital Client


IH Digital is proud to add ConvaTec, a global medical products and technologies company, to its list of regional digital marketing clients. IH Digital has been helping pharmaceutical and medical clients expand their social media presence and gain valuable leads in today’s competitive digital arena.

As a 360 digital agency in Asia, IH Digital can provide you with the full social media marketing services you need for your business’ growth. 

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Interested to work with us and plan for your brand’s social media marketing strategy? Contact us today for a consultation soon. 

About IH Digital  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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How to Market Your Beauty Products in Malaysia?

beauty marketing agency

IH Digital is an experienced agency in strategizing and implementing digital marketing for beauty brands. With years of marketing experiences in beauty industry, we have developed a strong understanding in beauty market and concluded some practicable marketing techniques to fuel beauty business.

Our marketing services for beauty clients that target Malay market

We are strong in building social media strategies and planning media buy. Our marketing experiences with the beauty clients involves building an e-commerce website, driving engagement on social media platforms, running social media campaigns and launching ad campaigns.

All of these activities were supported by our in-house marketing experts in social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, and media buying.

What we can do for beauty brands?

1. Setup global e-commerce store

We are capable of building an e-commerce website to enable clients to run their business on global e-commerce platform – Shopify.

With its convenient currency converter, selling to Malay consumers in Southeast Asia is no longer a problem as it allows them to view prices in local currency.

Not only do we help in e-commerce store set up and management, but also support payment gateway integration, customer database management, rewards program set up, and monthly page maintenance.

2. Promote new beauty brand with campaigns

To boost Malay audiences’ awareness on new product launch, we have helped Kao Malaysia to run ad campaigns across social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Not only that, but we also ran social media campaigns such as giveaway contest to maximize reach and engagement. This has resulted in a massive following on their social media pages.

If you keep an eye out for social media trends, influencer marketing is relatively a modern phenomenon in creating brand awareness. In IH Digital, we will undergo a careful selection process before collaborating with an influencer to ensure that our clients are hiring the relevant influencers who hold the same value with the brand. 

3. Create sales-driven content  

It is highly important to establish a presence on visual-rich social media platforms because most of the beauty shoppers love to spend time on social media to discover the beauty trends and new beauty products.

Watching video reviews and scrolling through aesthetic cosmetic photos are their  common online activities before purchasing a product. 

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Youtube, we can help to implement your marketing plan on the most suitable social media platforms. It can be advertising to reach a new audience, content marketing to motivate purchase or campaign to drive conversion. 

Meet your best partner – IH Digital

IH Digital has 14 years of digital marketing experiences in planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

We provide 360° digital marketing services, including content marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing and more to support your beauty marketing needs.

All services are supported by our specialized in-house teams – Content and Social Team, Media and Analytics Team, Web Development and Search Team who are highly experienced in planning and implementing winning business strategies.

Looking for a beauty marketing agency in Malaysia?

Whether you are planning to promote your new beauty brand or to boost sales, IH Digital can help you to create a digital strategy to achieve your ultimate marketing goals.

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

Struggle with creating beauty marketing strategies to win Malay market? Contact us today for a consultation with our marketing expert soon. 

About IH Digital  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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GSC Movies Used Youtube Ad to Announced New Movie Releases

Featured Image Template

In this July, GSC Movies had launched a Youtube ad campaign to boost the audiences’ awareness on the upcoming Korean movie release: TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS: PENINSULA.

They ran non-skippable video ad for 3 weeks from 6 July until 26 July. To encourage the movie ticket purchase from movie fans, an overlay companion banner linked to its official website was added. 


GSC Movies – Malaysia’s leading movie distributor 

GSC Movies Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor with the largest variety in movie entertainment. GSC Movies is a fully integrated movie entertainment company and a key player in the acquisition, distribution, licensing and marketing of movies in various languages. 

In over two decades, it has developed a reputation as the main movies distributor for bringing quality entertainment to Malaysian audience.

What is Non-Skippable Ad? 

Non-skippable ad is short in-stream video ads that play before, during, or after the main video. They can be 15 to 20 seconds in duration.  

Viewers don’t have the option to skip your ad, therefore this ad allows brands to reach viewers with the entire message. This ad format gives a wide lift in awareness, not only on Youtube but also on video partner sites and apps on the Google display network. 

Because the ads can’t be skipped, these videos are best created with a call-to-action (CTA) so the brands can optimize the attention they do have from the viewer. In other words, you can encourage viewers to click on your ad and receive the desired action from your audience. 

This ad format is recommended to be applied when a brand is aiming for a widespread of the brand message, and they’re confident that the video is creative enough to hold the audience’s attention for the full 15 seconds. 

Make Youtube Ad Your Brand awareness Tool

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

YouTube’s unique combination of video access, sharing, and community creates a huge opportunity to connect your brands with people who are interested in what you have to offer in a memorable way. From sports fans to fashionistas, Youtube has the widest possible range of customer for you to deliver your business’ message. 

Interested to run a Youtube ad campaign for your new product or service? Schedule a consultation with our media buying expert to get started. 


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Kao Men’s Biore: 3 Social Media Strategies for #ExtraPowerRefresh Campaign

Kao men's biore

With the relaunch of the new packaging and the bonus pack, Men’s Biore has launched a social media campaign to increase the awareness of millennial men on the new Double Scrub Facial Foam products.

They ran the #ExtraPowerRefresh campaign on social media platforms for 2 months, targeting the millennial Malay and Chinese men in Malaysia.

Social media postings, paid ad and contest are among the social media marketing strategies implemented throughout the campaign, with different strategies at different phrases to maximize the audience reach and awareness.

Men's Biore ExtraPowerRefresh campaign
Men's Biore ExtraPowerRefresh social media campaign

Men’s Biore Double Scrub – facial foam with ‘Micro Detox’ cleaning power

Men’s Biore is a men’s skincare brand from Kao Japan. The Double Scrub Facial Foam was developed to address active men’s skin concerns by flushing away sticky oil, dirt and bacteria accumulated inside pores. There are five variants under this product line carrying different functionality: oil control, acne control, skin exfoliation and more.

The products were formulated with the Japan Million-scrub Technology, the scrubs advance their detox cleansing ability by breaking down into micro crushable beads to penetrate deeper into pores.

How Men’s Biore run an wildly successful social media campaign?

At the initial stage of the campaign, Men’s Biore launched a GIF post to spread the awareness of Double Scrub new packaging, together with ad placements on Facebook and Instagram. As the millennial men are always on their mobiles, therefore social media became their main advertising platform.

To encourage the audiences to make a purchase online, a call-to-action button linked to its Guardian or Watsons online store was added in the ad.

Men's Biore GIF post on Facebook

Moving to the next stage, they launched a TrueView in-stream ad to maximize reach to audiences on the leading online video platform – Youtube.

This video ad gives viewers the ability to interact with and control the ads they see. They are allowed to skip the ad after 5 seconds. Other video interactions include clicks to visit their e-commerce store on Guardian and Watsons with the call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards and companion banners placed alongside the video ad.

The combination of awareness strength of video advertising with the interactive user’s ad control is a win-win strategy: viewers watch videos they’re interested in, and you pay when viewers interact with the elements of your video.

Men's Biore Youtube TrueView In-Stream Ad

Other than social ads, they also ran a Malaysia Day giveaway contest on social media for two consecutive months to encourage their fans to purchase Men’s Biore product. This giveaway is valid from 15 August to 15 October 2020.

Their contest posts were promoted with Facebook ads. With social media contests the way it is today, it pushes the contestants to spread the word out to their friends and family. Through the contest, all contestants would end up to be buyers of the brand.

If the contest is well-implemented, it is definitely a great way to increase buzz around your page and get tons of new followers engaging with your content with a minimal promotional budget.

Men's Biore Malaysia Day contest

Planning to launch a social media campaign?

Whether you are planning to boost awareness or following of your social media page, IH Digital can help you to run a social media campaign to achieve your ultimate marketing goals.

IH Digital | Asia-Focused Digital Marketing Agency

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

Having a hard time to carry out the marketing plan for your social media campaign? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Social Media Marketing expert soon.

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Social Media Marketing: 3 Ways Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia Is Reaching Out To Parents


Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia’s social media marketing efforts zero in on 3 things

An organic infant formula brand from Australia, Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia ramps up its social media marketing efforts by reaching out to the audience that matters to their brand—parents. Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia has managed to find a balance between being a force for good and keeping the brand visible even during this trying time.

Being clear about where parents can buy their products  

The COVID-19 pandemic and the MCO didn’t stop Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia for being there for their customers. The brand created a simple post that details what products are available and how they can order them during the MCO. Parents have enough on their plate being at home with the kids 24/7. As such, clarity such as this is one way to make life easier for parents during these stressful times.

Being a parenting ally

Many consumers are spending more time online than ever as they have been forced to stay at home. Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia filled the role of a dependable parenting ally during the MCO. While parents are at home with the kids, Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia was ensuring that they are part of this experience. From nutritious recipes and fun family activities to parenting tips and exercise ideas, the brand shared a variety of helpful content for parents.

Being true and authentic

Much like its product, Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia’s strategy showcases authenticity. The brand makes it a point to provide clear and concise information about where the ingredients come from and how the milk is made. This transparency is key to getting the attention and trust of their key audience.

Ready to shake up your content marketing strategy?

Are you looking to make a splash in social media or change your content marketing strategy? Let IH Digital, a social media marketing agency in Malaysia, help you. Discover how our social media experts can help your brand by clicking the button below.

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Facebook Ads Help Curel and Liese Drive e-Commerce Traffic


Amid the Movement Control Order (MCO) in effect in Malaysia, beauty brands Curel and Liese are striving to remain connected with customers online. One way they are adapting to the disruption is through timely Facebook ads that highlight the most important message around the world today: staying home.

Facebook Ads: Connecting with Customers amid the Crisis

Curél, Japan’s top brand for sensitive Asian skin, recently launched a Facebook post that encourages customers at home to build a skin-care routine during the MCO period. The 45-second Facebook video ad, which featured four skincare tips, also reminded customers that they can shop safely from their homes through their Watson’s Online store.

Meanwhile, Liese deployed a Facebook ad to promote their range of hair colouring essentials. Similarly, Liese is driving traffic to their e-commerce stores on Guardian and Watson’s. The post has currently more than 13,000 Facebook Likes.

3 Facebook Ads Best Practices

Now, more than ever is the time to ensure you’re getting the most out of each Facebook ad you run. We’ve rounded up 3 Facebook ad best practices you can implement for your brand.

  • Consider vertical videos. Think beyond the News Feed and explore other ad placements.
  • Avoid text on images. Depending on the ad format you’re going to use, try to limit the text you place on your image. Opt to place your text in the copy if it’s a photo ad. Alternatively, you can utilize the headline and description boxes on link ads.
  • Skip the static images. Videos naturally stand out. As such, explore the use of loop videos, animated text and other movements that take your ad from average to awesome.

Innovate Your Digital Marketing Strategy in a Time of Crisis

Want your customers to maintain brand awareness or drive them to your e-commerce store? Let IH Digital adapt to your needs amidst the pandemic. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you through WeChat ads, Grab Ads, Lazada Ads, LINE ads and more.

Get started with Facebook ads today | Digital Marketing Agency
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TikTok Ads: #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge Gains 20B Views in India

Shilpa Shetty joins the #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge on TikTok | Photo credit:
Soap brand Lifebuoy is reminding people to ‘wash your hands like a boss’ on social media with the TikTok hashtag challenge #LifeBuoyKarona in India. Amid the current COVID-19 situation across the world, many brands strive to make good personal hygiene more viral than ever through social media. This opportunity enabled the soap brand to extend its handwashing campaign in India to TikTok to reach out to the app’s millions of active online users.
Archive of all #LifebuoyKarona hashtag videos on TikTok
Archive of all #LifebuoyKarona hashtag videos on TikTok | Photo credit:

Lifebuoy: ‘Spread the word, not germs’

Many Indians have joined the TikTok #LifebuoyKarona hashtag challenge including celebrities and social media personalities. This allowed an incredible online viewership growth from 5.3 billion to a staggering 20.1 billion views in less than a week. Famed Indian stars like Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and Indian rapper Badshah showed their support for the #LifebuoyKarona campaign. Here are their short TikTok hashtag videos in case you missed it:
@theshilpashettyWash karo hands like a BOSS, Challenge karne waalo ko mera applause 👏🏽##LifebuoyKarona @Lifebuoy_India@shamitashettyofficial @therajkundra♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy
@badshahWash karo hands like a boss, Challenge karne waalo ko mera applause ##LifebuoyKarona @Lifebuoy_India♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy
TikTok influencers Riyaz, Awez Darbar, Gima Ashi, Vishal Pandey, and Faiz Baloch also shared short-form videos to participate in the handwashing challenge. Watch the TikTok influencer videos here:
@riyaz.14Wash your hands like a boss fast,bimari then won’t last!#li#febuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @rizaafreen_17 @imransabunwala_cr7 @mr.raghav25♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy
@awezdarbarBoss bano, handwashing steps follow karo ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @vijendrabyou @zaidfdarbar @khan_sultan 😎♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy
@gima_ashiThe power of cure is in your hands. Follow the steps and wash your hands like a boss! ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @mrmayankm@deepty13@achchusingh♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy
@vishalpandey_21Follow the steps and wash your hands like a boss, 20 seconds is all it takes!##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @sameeksha_sud @daverushi_14 @adnankhan9♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy
@faizbaloch_0725Lifebuoy me Saath haath dhona, fir hi khana! ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @shifuians_27 @saddu07dz_ @mr_sohu ##LifebuoyKarona♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Help ‘Make the Good Habit of Handwashing Viral’ with TikTok

To join the hashtag challenge, TikTok users must create a video demonstrating proper handwashing to the tune of the #LifebuoyKarona song.
Indian TikTok influencer Sunny Chopra in a #LifebuoyKarona hashtag video
Indian TikTok influencer Sunny Chopra in a #LifebuoyKarona hashtag video | Photo credit:
Additionally, the campaign invites TikTok users to ‘make the good habit of handwashing viral’ by tagging 3 friends when posting the hashtag video.
More #LifebuoyKarona hashtag videos by Indian TikTok influencers
More #LifebuoyKarona hashtag videos by Indian TikTok influencers | Photo credit:

▶  Join the #LifebuoyKarona challenge! Download the TikTok app here.

Grow Your Brand Awareness with a TikTok Hashtag Challenge!

Struggling to increase brand awareness with your current strategy? Leverage the power of TikTok ads to achieve your business goals in a short time. With approximately 800 million monthly active users worldwide, the ByteDance-owned application TikTok is a promising advertising platform for businesses intending to scale up its digital efforts.

TikTok Advertising Agency: IH Digital is an official partner of ByteDance for Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia alone, TikTok garnered 150 million users in May 2019, according to a report by The Straits Times. Among the region, the short-form video app is most popular in Vietnam and Indonesia in terms of monthly active users and video views. TikTok is also available in more than 150 markets around the world, in 39 languages. Ready to hop on the exciting advertising opportunities on TikTok? Talk to our TikTok marketing expert to get started.
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IH Digital is a 360 ° digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Southeast Asia and Greater China. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including TikTok advertising. Talk to our marketing expert today to learn more about our services. IH Digital, IH Singapore, and Digital 38 are members of the IH Digital Group.
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Jin Air’s Official WeChat and LINE Accounts Provide Flight Info, Promotions, Local Query Services and More

Korean LCC Jin Air Rolls Out Official WeChat LINE Accounts
You can now get Jin Air’s hottest air ticket promotions and recommended routes straight to your WeChat and LINE messenger apps! South Korean airline Jin Air has launched its verified WeChat account and official LINE account this March. Both accounts provide flight details, latest promotions, query services in Chinese or Japanese and more from the messenger app. To use this, app users can simply choose from the page’s menu.

Jin Air’s Verified Chinese WeChat Account

Jin Air first rolled out its verified WeChat account earlier this month. It aims to deliver all information, campaigns and query services in the Chinese language for a more localised customer service. In its welcome message posted on WeChat, the airline is inviting all users to follow their WeChat public account as they “continue to provide… quality services.” Take a look at Jin Air’s WeChat message in case you missed it:
Welcome message published on Jin Air's official WeChat account
Screengrabs of Jin Air China’s first WeChat post
To receive the latest updates on Jin Air’s flights and offers, follow the 真航空JinAir official WeChat account by scanning the QR code below.
Scan this QR code to follow Jin Air's Official WeChat Account
Image from Jin Air’s WeChat post | Source: 真航空JinAir official WeChat account

Jin Air’s Official Japan LINE Account

Last week, Jin Air also introduced their official Japan LINE account on a Facebook post. It intends to extend its online customer support to its Japanese customers through LINE.
Screengrab of the menu from Jin Air’s official LINE account
Screengrab of the menu from Jin Air’s official LINE account
From the messenger app, LINE users can easily select the following options from the page menu: flight booking, promotions, customised tickets, user registration, FAQ and Q&A.
Screengrab of Jin Air's official Japan LINE account
Screengrab of Jin Air’s official Japan LINE account
Additionally, Jin Air merged its Japanese Facebook page with their English Facebook page, as first posted on its timeline on Monday. Add ジンエアー (Jin Air) as a friend on LINE to receive the latest flight updates and promotions in Japanese. Simply scan the QR code below or follow this link to do so.
Scan this QR code to follow Jin Air's Official LINE Account
QR code for Jin Air’s Official Japan LINE Account
To book a flight, visit For more of Jin Air’s flight promotions, visit their website at

About the Brand – Jin Air

Jin Air is a South Korean low-cost airline established by Korean Air in 2008. It pioneered a new long-range market with the B777-200ER, the only medium- and large-sized aircraft among the low-cost carriers. This enabled Jin Air to grow into a representative airline of local LCCs. As of March 2019, the airline flies to 4 domestic cities such as Gimpo, Cheongju, Busan, and Gwangju to Jeju. It also operates flights in 32 international destinations including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Vientiane, and the United States.

Connect with your Chinese and Japanese Consumers with a Verified WeChat and LINE Account!

Does your business have a verified WeChat or LINE account? If you are targeting Chinese and Japanese consumers and you are not on these messenger apps, you are missing a lot of sales opportunities.

Why Get a Verified WeChat Account?

Having a verified WeChat account boosts your presence in the Chinese market. WeChat (or Weixin in China) has over 1.15 billion monthly active users in Q3 2019. Apart from messaging, it also offers WeChat Pay, WeChat advertising, and WeChat Mini Programs. Also, it comes with many useful features such as customer service, API integrations, e-commerce, and CRM. Once verified, you can easily publish 4 times a month with 1-6 articles each time, register for WeChat Pay, and set up a WeChat store. These are just a few of the many reasons why more and more businesses invest heavily in WeChat marketing.

Read More >> Schneider Electric’s WeChat App for B2B Marketing

Why Own an Official LINE Account?

Japan-based messenger app LINE is “Japan’s most popular online communication tool” with roughly 83 million monthly active users in the country in Q4 2019. In January 2020, the trend continues to increase quarter-over-quarter since 2013, according to the latest LINE report published by the Statista Research Department. Moreover, in 2018, LINE’s audience reach was “almost twice as high as those of internationally successful apps such as Twitter or Instagram,” with 80.8% audience reach compared to Twitter’s 42.8% and Instagram’s 35.8%. No wonder LINE is a promising messenger app for businesses aspiring to target a huge market like Japan.

Read More >> Sanitarium Thailand’s Latest LINE Contest and an Official LINE Account

Let Us Help You Win the Chinese and Japanese Markets with WeChat and LINE!

We can help you build and verify your WeChat account. IH Digital is a sales partner of Tencent allowing us to assist businesses in verifying their WeChat accounts. We have helped many brands obtain a WeChat Official Subscription or Service Account, run WeChat ads, develop WeChat Mini Programs, and integrate WeChat Pay. Also, we have helped global and regional businesses set up their official LINE account for Japan and Thailand, run LINE ads, and launch LINE contests to grow brand awareness. If you are ready to take on the China and Japan digital marketing venture, talk to our WeChat and LINE marketing experts today to get started.
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IH Digital is a 360 ° digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Southeast Asia and Greater China. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including WeChat and LINE marketing. Talk to our marketing expert today to learn more about our services. IH Digital, IH Singapore, and Digital 38 are members of the IH Digital Group.
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S’porean Influencers Braved the Daebak Super Spicy Noodles for the #CanOrNotChallenge

Daebak Fires Up Social Media with #CanOrNotChallenge
Daebak fired up the social media realm recently with its latest #CanOrNotChallenge. The challenge is to finish a cup of Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles without drinking water or any other condiments. Many influencers joined the dare and added their own twists to the #CanOrNotChallenge. Singapore-based influencers like YouTuber Jian Hao Tan and fitness trainer and Instagrammer Tiong Jia En were some of the social media personalities who participated in the challenge.

Jian Hao and Denise’s Daebak #CanOrNotChallenge YouTube Video

On his Team Titan YouTube channel, Jian Hao posted his Daebak #CanOrNotChallenge video on Thursday, joined by lifestyle and travel influencer, Denise Soong Ee Lyn. In addition to the challenge, the duo answered a few questions on a whiteboard. The catch is whoever gets it wrong must eat a mouthful of Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Noodles. Both Jian Hao and Denise finished their spicy instant cup noodles in the end. The video gained roughly 580,000 views, 17,000 likes, and 2,800 comments on YouTube. Jian Hao also posted the video on Instagram, which gained nearly 60,000 views.

Jia En’s Instagram Video of the Daebak #CanOrNotChallenge

Miss Universe Singapore runner-up Tiong Jia En also took on the Daebak #CanOrNotChallenge in February. In her Instagram video post, the fitness influencer braved the spicy noodles with her friend Eleanor while playing the game “I have ever.” The game ends when one of them finishes the whole cup of Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Noodles.

Eat the Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Noodles at Your Own Risk!

In Jian Hao’s video, Denise explains that a “normal chilli padi measures about 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville heat units.” Daebak, on the other hand, measures 1 million Scoville heat units high, making it “the spiciest instant noodles on the market… now.” If you want to take on the Daebak #CanOrNotChallenge, “eat at your own risk!” The Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles is available in 7-Eleven, Cheers and Sheng Siong stores nationwide.

Watch how influencers Dee Kosh and Mong Chin survives the Daebak #CanOrNotChallenge

Introduce Your Newest Products to the Public with Social Media Hype!

Viral marketing on social media has proven to appeal to countless customers in a short span of time. In fact, results show how successful viral marketing is especially for the food, fashion and beauty industries. Many known brands resort to social media hypes when launching new product campaigns. Back in the days, only celebrities would make viral marketing possible. However, due to the emergence of social media personalities, the viral marketing technique is now a mix of celebrities and influencers from nano to macro. Businesses now have the option to initiate a social media hype with influencers promoting using their own accounts. It helps increase social engagement through inflated organic online conversations and a staggering number of views for viral videos. There is more than one way to start a viral marketing hype on social media. If this is the right marketing approach for your new product, we’d like to help you put it into action. Contact our agency today to know more about our social media marketing services.
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IH Digital is a 360 ° digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Southeast Asia and Greater China. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including social media marketing. Talk to our marketing expert today to learn more about our services. IH Digital, IH Singapore, and Digital 38 are members of the IH Digital Group.
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LINE Contest: Sanitarium Thailand is Giving Away 10 Prizes Worth 2K Baht each This Summer 2020

Sanitarium Thailand’s LINE Contest Runs from 13 March to 12 April 2020
This summer, Sanitarium is giving away 10 prizes worth 2,000 baht each with its first-ever LINE contest in Thailand. The contest was announced on Friday through their Facebook page.
Here’s how to join:
  1. Add @sanitariumthailand as a friend on LINE
  2. Tell why you love So GoodTM Milk on LINE
Ten lucky winners will each receive 2,000-baht worth of Sanitarium products and a gift card. The LINE contest runs from 13 March to 12 April 2020. The winner will be announced on 22 April 2020. For more contest details, check out Sanitarium’s Facebook announcement and contest terms and conditions. The LINE contest is open for users based in Thailand only. Follow Sanitarium Thailand’s Facebook page to get the latest promotions on your favourite breakfast brand.

Sanitarium Announces LINE Official Account

In February, Sanitarium announced its LINE official account for Thailand on a Facebook post, inviting its fans to connect on LINE. Followers will receive the newest product and special promotions, as well as LINE contest announcements through the app.  
Don’t miss out on great deals! Be sure to add Sanitarium Thailand as a friend on LINE. You may also shop your favourite Sanitarium products at Tops Online.

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Build Up Your Online Presence in Thailand with LINE Contests and More!

If you are exploring the Thai market for your business, add LINE to your digital marketing campaigns for a guaranteed brand awareness growth. The Japan-based mobile messenger app has grown tremendously in Thailand with 22 million registered LINE app users in 2014, which doubled to 44 million in Q2 2019. It is also Thailand’s top mobile app by monthly active users and overall revenue according to a 2018 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. IH Digital can help you reach the Thai market with our LINE services. We can assist you in getting a LINE official account, as well as run LINE ads and launch LINE contests to increase brand awareness. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our LINE capabilities.
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IH Digital is a 360 ° digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Southeast Asia and Greater China. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including LINE marketing. Talk to our marketing expert today to learn more about our services. IH Digital, IH Singapore, and Digital 38 are members of the IH Digital Group.