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WATCH: How a video improved Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s engagement


A Successful Marketing video production for The Shilla Duty Free

The Shilla Duty Free Singapore offers a wide range of products. As it continues to present its brand as a leading distributor of quality, high-end and branded products, The Shilla Duty Free also puts up the name of the brands it offer. And finally, through a marketing video production, success came in an instant.

The Shilla Duty Free’s simple promotion video was viewed by more than 7,000 Facebook users in just a short span of time. On Facebook’s social media analytics tool, the brand hit relatively high engagement for the video as the Likes went up to more than 200 in that brief period. Moreover, the comments generated on the video post were positive, including more inquiries about the products.

Through a video production, many opportunities await. Marketers can now welcome more opportunities in posting Facebook videos directly on the social media site. However, YouTube still stands to be on top of the game in terms of SEO and easier searchablity features. With this, we recommend at IH Digital that you gauge your market well to learn which of the digital video portals best suits your brand’s objectives. As an SEO company, we can help you take your video to places through content marketing strategy including SEO.

As we help you create the best digital marketing strategy for all your brand’s needs, we ensure that your marketing video production will gain you more benefit not just for the product you feature, but also to your brand as a whole.

For more information about marketing video production and the integration of these efforts on different digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more, please feel free to reach us at

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Tupperware Brands: Social Media Marketing Success


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About Tupperware Poppy n Fiddles Eco Bottle and Campaign

Tupperware Brands is known for its colourful, lightweight and leak-tight liquid bottles. As Tupperware Brands introduces the Poppy n Fiddles line, the brand made sure to make it more than memorable to its audience. In 2014, Poppy n Fiddles made it to the hearts of Tupperware Brands’ audience during its launching campaign.


The main objective of the campaign is to achieve a successful social media marketing through the promotion of Tupperware Brands’ new Poppy n Fiddles Eco Bottle range alongside its overall goal to continue to grow Tupperware Brands’ Facebook page fans and engagement.

As it is Tupperware Brands’ passion to give its customers a wonderful experience through its products, the brand wishes to receive positive feedback from its audience through this marketing communications campaign to send an affirmative message to fans and soon-to-be fans on why it is worth to own a Poppy n Fiddles Eco Bottle.

The Game Plan

To attain its objective, Tupperware Brands, through advertising agency IH Digital, launched a social media marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram called Poppy N Fiddles Malaysia Adventure that ran from 11 August to 26 September 2014.

The mechanics is simple and easy, not to mention that taking part in this campaign is going to be really fun for the audience and fans. The main characters of the campaign, Poppy the Penguin and Fiddles the Frog were introduced to Malaysia through a fun adventure introduction. Executed with a fun and awesome content marketing plan, it is expected to make a hit among the fans of Tupperware Brands in Malaysia. The digital marketing campaign embraces the fans familiarity about Malaysia’s adventure spots to achieve higher interaction, responses and engagement among the fans. Along with the social media marketing campaign is a contest wherein through a simple “selfie” with a Poppy/Fiddles Eco Bottle, fans can win their own Fiddles Eco Bottle. Below are the three easy steps to be part of the campaign:

  1. Take a selfie with either Poppy/Fiddles Eco Bottle, or both.
  2. Post it on your Facebook wall or Instagram with #PoppynFiddles & #lovemyecobottle (Make sure your settings are Public).
  3. Register your details at

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Fan growth

Throughout the campaign period, fan numbers grew by 12.7%, gaining a total of 22,969 new fans. Moreover, the growth was a constant upward trend on the duration of the campaign.

Page Impression

Through IH Digital’s social media analytics tool, it showed that the social media marketing campaign impact on page impression was overwhelmingly positive, wherein post reach recorded 10,000 per post. In connection, organic posts also recorded to have reached an average of 11,550 users, while paid posts reached an average of 30,804 users.

Social action

On the duration of the content marketing campaign, 14 posts were put up over a span of 7 weeks. On these posts, average social actions reached 700.2, while average reach went up to 17,610 users.

General Summary

The result of the social media marketing campaign was generally positive. From the start of the Poppy N Fiddles Adventure campaign, fans in Malaysia received the content and campaign extremely well. Fans’ and participants’ comments were generally positive as they have enjoyed the journey with the characters, Poppy & Fiddles. Through a well-planned and strategic social media strategy, the contest ended with a total of 156 photo submissions, while Tupper Detective registrations recorded more than 1,300 in just 2 days. All in all, the Total Social Actions ended with 9,803 and the Total Reach with 246,548.

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Goldheart Jewelry: First IG Contest A Hit



Goldheart Jewelry

Singapore, 16 December 2014 – Goldheart Jewelry shines on as it succeeds in acquiring more followers through its very first contest on Instagram. The brand’s Instagram page followers have increased 78% within barely two weeks’ time. It went up to a total of 690 from the pre-contest count of 386.

Goldheart Jewelry Instagram Contest

Running from 31 October to 14 November, Goldheart Jewelry’s Favourite Pure Love Moment Photo Contest on Instagram was well-received by its audience. In effect, its Instagram page garnered 304 new followers during the contest period. Submitted entries can be viewed via the hashtag search tool.

How the photo contest was implemented was indeed trouble-free for participants. Simply by using the hashtags #favouritepurelovemoment and #goldheartjewelry with a caption in an Instagram couple-themed photo will give participants the chance to take home the posted $500 Goldheart vouchers. The contest, exhibiting clear social media marketing plan, gained vast attention with some participants making use of their previously posted Instagram photos and placing the contest hashtags as comments to join in.

Featuring Inked Fingers’ beautifully presented Pure Love Photo Diary, the contest was implemented in line with Goldheart Jewelry’s launch of the new wedding bands collection, Sainte Pure. Through this photo contest, Goldheart Jewelry has successfully positioned its brand and products as a leader in the Love and Romance segment.

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Holiday Travel: Digital Influence on Traveler Behaviour

holiday-travelPeople turn to social media when deciding about their holiday travel. Make use of this topic while it's hot! Read more to learn why and how!

Holiday Travel Online Sharing

As the holidays approach, many people, groups and families get ready for their holiday travel. A lot of people are excited as we near to the day we swing to another year. It means holiday – Christmas and New Year celebration, where friends and families come together, bond and travel. It is not surprising that in this modernizing world, social media will become every traveler’s resource when planning about their holiday travel. Why? Because what people need to know are reviews from first-hand experiences in order to ensure that they get the best that they can expect when they travel. On this part of travel decision-making, travel sites with social interaction such as TripAdvisor become very useful for a lot of travelers.

In the next two months, topics about travel will certainly hit the social media world. Your social media friends and contacts will be sharing their travel experiences online. It is therefore brilliant to present your brand in a way that can be of support to this topic. In any part of the world, numerous people will be travelling. And whatever brand you hold, don’t overlook to ride with this trend as people will be searching a lot of it online, not to mention interacting on the social media only to get valuable information.

Asia Travel Trends

A reason to keep your brand’s social media presence in Asia is becoming more obvious around the world today. Based on the findings of ITB World Travel Trends Report, “Asia continues to be the driving force in international tourism.” Interestingly, as Asians become huge contributors to the travel market globally, most Asians also prefer to make their holiday travel within their own continent. Asia becoming the most popular destination around the world will only be followed by Europe and North America. Furthermore, growth is seen to continue in Asia. IPK International predicts that in the coming year (2015), Asian citizens will make above-average number of trips that can possibly outnumber other nations in terms of outbound travel market.

The Social Media Effect

Travel is becoming even more social these days. Travel bloggers are the biggest influencers on travelers’ behaviours. They can be social voices about travel brands and ideas! As people become more skilled in online research, online users are taking extra steps to use social media as a tool to get information about travel destinations, tips and reviews. Social media is becoming an integral part of travel planning. This month, as the holidays near, people around the world is expected to flood the online sphere with holiday topics and of course, holiday travel content.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can be beneficial to your brand and your audience as well. As a marketer, you must make more use of social media in trying to influence audience’s behaviour towards travel. These days, many people are busy trying to consider options for their holiday travel destination. These people turn to the Internet to search, read reviews and be inspired through videos and images. This will be the perfect time to grab the online users’ attention and shift them to your brand through content. Travel and leisure brands have the best opportunity this holiday season!

Social media and online users are becoming smarter in selecting worthy-to-read content. Time is also becoming a big factor in today’s browsing experience among online users. That said, it is apparent that your market is more likely to search for valuable content. For instance, they can easily distinguish user-generated and professionally made videos. What you need to ensure as a marketer is giving out pleasing and valuable holiday travel information, and a smooth online experience to online users.

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Panasonic Singapore: A Better World Through Social Media

panasonic-singapore-better-world-social-mediaPanasonic Singapore once again applies its philosophy of contributing to society and the environment through a social media contest application on Facebook.

A purpose-driven social media contest

Small things truly make a big difference. This is how Panasonic Singapore applies its philosophy of contributing to society through social media. Known to many, most of Panasonic products are eco-friendly, which are labelled ECONAVI. This time, through its campaign called iPledge & My Moment, Panasonic has once again shown its commitment to the environment by inviting people’s support and participation.

The Facebook app has its main features divided into 2 – iPledge Contest and My Moment Contest. In the iPledge Contest feature, Panasonic’s audience can largely contribute to the society by making a simple pledge for the environment and sharing it with their friends through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Panasonic Singapore’s iPledge Contest is currently running its second year as an app. In as easy as sharing a pledge for the environment, participants can instantly stand a chance to win special prizes. On the other hand, My Moment is another feature that basically ties in with the event Straits Times Run at the Hub 2014, wherein Panasonic holds main sponsorship. Similar to the iPledge feature, My Moment gives participants a chance to get hold of special prizes.

With IH Digital’s expertise, the Facebook app was created with a strategic plan following a specific purpose – which is to drive the interest of people towards the brand through social media. And at the same time, make it an easy and enjoyable experience to the users.

The campaign started 28 September and will end 31 October. While it’s up, take a tour around the application and see how this can be effective for your brand too.

Panasonic Singapore’s iPledge & My Moment app was developed by IH Digital.

Learn more about Facebook campaigns and how it can help your pages and brand. Follow us on Facebook or Google Plus for quick updates.

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NVPC Moves to Raise Volunteerism in Singapore

nvpc-volunteerism-singaporeThe National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) takes advantage of social media to promote its volunteer activities in Singapore.

A hand that builds a community

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), a national body that promotes volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore, steps up to further develop its function as a catalyst and networking agency in building a compassionate community in Singapore. To do this, NVPC is setting up more initiatives by drawing on the advantages of digital marketing, particularly the social media.

This year, NVPC is holding a new initiative with the primary aim of promoting and developing skill-based volunteerism “to foster the giving spirit in Singapore.” The organisation will run a campaign for the International Volunteer Day called Small Things, Great Love with the help of IH Digtal, a digital agency in Asia with expertise in digital campaign strategy and implementation.

Reaching more volunteers with a genuine purpose

IH Digital / NVPC
IH Digital / NVPC

Imparting a message with sincerity is the organisation’s fashion of securing more hands (and heart) to cooperate in this goal. Following this purpose, IH Digital has set up a social media strategy that will not only make the concept a reality, but also continuously deliver the message genuinely to reach and inspire passionate groups and individuals all over Singapore.

Starting off with establishing a strong online identity, IH Digital ensures that the target audience will be informed and inspired through powerful contents that will eventually ignite social action. As part of the social media strategy, particularly in the Facebook platform, NVPC will include sharing of several stories about volunteers and their works. All these will be implemented following a positive and friendly approach. It is thus particularly interesting to catch on in the near future how these stories will be laid out in the social media under the expectation of a knowledgeable and empathetic image.

Moreover, NVPC is not limited to social media images and text features. In fact, they have started filming an interview with more to follow and to be uploaded as social videos. In these videos, the audience will finally get to learn more from diverse volunteers – their personal goals, challenges, a first-hand advice from experienced and skilled individuals, and a lot more.

It is an exciting objective to get numerous Singaporean individuals to hold hands together for a purpose of sharing time and other resources to their fellowmen – a result which NVPC expects as the campaign goes up. In short, NVPC targets to instil in several groups and individuals a passion to extend a helping heart not just once but every day. What more to expect in this campaign? Aside from increased knowledge about volunteerism in Singapore, this campaign will certainly be fun and interactive, and an instrument to reach the goal of building a nation of volunteers.

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PUB SG: Learning Video Production in Singapore

PUB-SingaporeIn its effort to educate Singapore users on water supply sustainability, PUB SG expanded its educational channel through a video production in Singapore.

PUB SG’s video production in Singapore

In its aim to widely impart its vision to ensure Singapore’s water supply stability, PUB Singapore is actively educating people concerning water sustainability by getting them involved in the process through educational videos.

IH Digital / PUB Singapore
IH Digital / PUB Singapore

With today’s increasing audience over the social media sphere, videos can be tagged as one of the best medium to deliver clear and striking messages. With a strategic approach from capturing the audiences’ attention through branding to the proper execution, an effective video production in Singapore can be achieved. In June 2014, PUB Singapore – with support from IH Digital as its trusted digital agency – has finally laid out a newly revised YouTube channel following an up-to-date strategy covering a revamped layout, design, video titling and tagging.

The game plan targets increased searchability and SEO for the YouTube channel as well as each video. To do this, IH Digital helped in retagging and retitling of all existing 140 videos, establish presence in Google+, restructure the YouTube channel layout and revamp the channel art design for the YouTube page, among others. These actions were well-researched and strategised by IH Digital’s social media strategists prior to implementation. Additionally, IH Digital ensures that all steps positively impact the objective by continuously providing support in analytics on a monthly basis.

IH Digital / PUB Singapore YouTube Channel
IH Digital / PUB Singapore YouTube Channel

Since PUB Singapore’s rebranding efforts, it has quickly made a mark in the social video realm in a few months’ time. In less than three months, the YouTube channel is seen to be progressively and positively growing!

With an aim to effectively increase awareness about the value of water among the people of Singapore, it is significant to hold their interest to the topic. On this purpose, PUB Singapore’s YouTube channel has quickly succeeded in as early as the initial phase of revamp. During the last three months, the Estimated Minutes Watched (total of minutes of videos watched) is seen to have increased positively – which goes to show that users’ interest are correspondingly increasing. Likewise, the total number of subscribers went up from 269 in June to 408 in September.

Why was the social video effort deemed effective even in the early stage? Because the objective of educating people about water sustainability is finally happening as seen apparently through the figures in the last two months – wherein the number of Likes on videos has consecutively increased since June. This implies that the increase in the number of subscribers and the number of views might have boosted the users’ interaction within the content – which is essential for PUB Singapore to gain momentum through social videos. But it certainly does not end there. Continuous efforts are underway to improve figures and eventually reach its ultimate goal – to get people involved in this awareness initiative.

What is expected in the following months? PUB Singapore YouTube channel is envisioned to improve further in the following months in terms of audiences’ interactions, views and subscriptions. With the success of the initial phase, it is interesting to observe how successful it can become once the laying out of the cutting-edge video contents following a new strategy is finally implemented in the next few months.

Visit PUB Singapore YouTube Channel: sgPUB

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Six Ways to An Effective Google Plus Engagement Strategy


Some of the renowned brands such as H&M, Toyota, HP have already ventured into the world of Google Plus and small brands that have already established themselves on Google Plus may wonder how to be on par with the big names. Of course, there is no secret recipe to a successful Google Plus campaign as each brand must adapt themselves accordingly. However, there are some steps in which we recommend brands take in order to fully utilize their engagement strategy on Google Plus. Some of Google Plus best practices for your brand can be found in the next section of this article.

IH Digital / H&M on Google+
IH Digital / H&M on Google+

Highlight the Text

One of the simplest method helping to increase engagement on Google Plus is to provide text that stands out. Google Plus allows admin to create a bold text, italic text, and a strike through text. An eye-catching text with an interesting gimmick would help to attract users’ attention to brand’s Google Plus page

Select Striking Images

DO NOT ignore the importance of images. Striking images draw attention of users onto brand’s Google Plus page. A suggestion for admin when selecting an image would be to go for a colorful picture. At the same time, do not settle for the thumb nail image that the system automatically selects to preview on your page. Change the size of the image to be a bigger version as a larger size image will help to grab users’ attention.

Interact with Followers

Instead of encouraging followers to +1 brand’s content, brand might want to consider adding a photo album and drive users to give their +1 in that album. For example, brand could create a photo album of a restaurant and asks users to +1 their most favorite place. Afterwards, brand may feature the most popular photo as part of their weekly content. This is another way where brand can create a strong bond with users

Grant the Decision Making Power to Users

Users like it when brand shares their opinions to the public, because that would mean that brands care about users. One of the strategy that allows users to be part of the decision making process is asking users to “caption” a photo. By doing this frequently, brands will be able to identify users who interact most with brands. Brands could in turn talk to those users in order to convert them to be brand’s influencers.

Select a Theme That Speaks About the Brand

As Google Plus is well known for its use of hashtags, brands should make use of this feature and create a theme through a story-telling technique with the use of hashtags. This customized together with common hashtags would enhance brand’s search power

Create Questions for Followers to Answer

One of the most effective practices where brand can push for engagement among users is to throw a question for users to answer.  Users must be prompted to interact with the content in order for them to show their level of engagement.

If still in doubt on how Google plus for business works, feel free to drop us a message to discuss more in details about G+ or  you can get to know G+ better by visiting us on our G+ p

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