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Malaysia Digital Marketing: What Do You Need to Grow Your Online Business?

digital marketing malaysia

Malaysia is Now an Attractive Market for E-commerce in Southeast Asia

Digital marketing is now the most important way of reaching potential customers in Malaysia. In the last few years, the e-commerce market in Malaysia is rapidly growing and becoming a competitive industry, especially with the effect of Covid-19 fueled by the increase of online shopping in the country, according to GlobalData E-Commerce Analytics.

Further to this, the government established Malaysian K-Economy Master Plan that outlines the major knowledge-based economy policy initiatives to build knowledge and high-skilled manpower base to facilitate economic growth in Malaysia.

According to Statista, 2020 is a record breaking year for e-commerce market with 38% increased in revenue. It’s forecasted that e-commerce adoption rate to hit 44% (14.4m users) in 2021. These e-commerce trends create a conducive environment for digital marketing in Malaysia.


Malayisa’s e-commerce market registered a revenue growth of 38% in 2020 I Statista

E-commerce adoption rate is expected to reach 44% in year 2021 I Statista

What Do You Need to Excel in Digital Marketing in Malaysia?

1. A Website or, Even Better, an E-Commerce Enabled Website

If you want to sell your product online, the first thing you need to do is to set up a website to showcase your products and provide product information. However, if you want to drives sales easily and efficiently, a standard website is simply not enough.

You need a high-functioning e-commerce website that enables you to manage your product listing, process payment and more. One of the best e-commerce platforms is Shopify, where you can fully manage from the backend: from storefront design to content marketing and performance analytics. 

To increase the visibility of your website on Google Search, it is advisable to contain a thorough SEO plan. With IH Digital, we can optimise your website to grow more relevant traffic and bring in more quality sales leads through SEO strategies.

2.  Social Media Channels to Reach Out to The Customer You Want

Once you’ve set up an online store, you need to think about how you’re going to get people to visit your store. Social media is one of the best platforms where you can build awareness and drive traffic to your product page by placing a link along with your post. That’s why you need to gain a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to reach out to your targeted audience.

If you want to tap into social media marketing, IH Digital will be there available for you at each stage. From researching and creating posts and then finally performing the marketing campaign, we’ll create a tailored marketing strategy to help you achieve the results.

3. Content Like Video, GIF, E-commerce Material Production & Live Section

It’s not the end after setting up social media pages, you need to publish compelling and engaging content to drive attention and traffic to your website. Plus, if you want to entice people to make a purchase, you have to display high-resolution product photography on your website including close-up images and multiple angles that give the viewer enough visual information.

From social media creatives to e-commerce website materials, we can handle everything. Our content team is capable of delivering different types of content like video, GIF, illustration and product photography. Aside from that, we can also help you host a Facebook Live to engage with your audience and attract them to your product page.

4. Digital Ads for Most Measurable, Effective and Also Widest Reach

Simply reaching your social media fans is not enough to get you sales, you can achieve the widest reach through digital advertising such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads and so on. Ads enable you to reach the highly-targeted audience, which in turn maximising the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

We are a certified Google Partner with proven knowledge of Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Video Ads. Besides that, we also have the highest access level to Facebook Developers’ Marketing API, enabling us to manage and optimise your ads efficiently. 

Our advertising strategies can help you target the customers that are in hunt mode for your product or service.

5. Professional Digital Marketing Team

From social media marketing to advertising campaign, there’s a lot of work. Here lies the importance of having a digital marketing team to continuously monitor results and tirelessly optimising your marketing plans as you’re in a fast-growing market.

If you need help in content creation or media planning, we are here to support. Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.  

Consult with Our Digital Marketing Malaysia Expert Today

IH Digital is at the cutting-edge of the digital marketing landscape in Malaysia. From increasing web traffic to sales conversion, we can help you where it matters most.

IH Digital has 14 years of digital marketing experiences in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns across various industries. Our core competencies are consultancy, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing, and digital advertising.

We have an operating office in Malaysia to help companies grow their online brands domestically. To better support your content marketing needs, we also set up a photography studio in our Malaysia office.

Let us take care of your digital marketing initiatives while you focus on your business. Get in touch with our Malaysia office today. 

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Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

digital marketing agency malaysia

Standing out from the digital crowd can be tough, but with the right digital marketing agency, you can make it happen. With the right team, tools and marketing strategy, a professional digital marketing agency helps you boost your online presence, acquire new customers and convert existing customers digitally. 

IH Digital offers 360° digital marketing solutions to market your business, backed by experienced and specialised team members. Schedule a meeting with IH Digital to discuss your digital marketing needs. 

Why Choose IH Digital as Your Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia?

1. 360°Digital Marketing Solutions 

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have everything you need under one roofOur core competencies are consultancy, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and more. Here’s an overview of our services: 

1.1 Digital Marketing Consulting 

We begin every new client relationship with a thorough overview of business objectives and get fully acquainted with the brand’s products or services. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, that is why our account manager will work closely with you to map out a long-term digital marketing strategy that is tailored specifically to your objective. 

1.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

We help brands increase search rankings with an SEO-optimised website. It involves using on-page and off-page optimisation strategies that are aligned with targeted keywords and content marketing. If you don’t have a website yet, our SEO agency can help you build everything from web design to web maintenance.  

1.3 Social Media Marketing 

Our team are capable of dealing with social media queries, generating engaging copies and visuals, as well as running social media campaign that propels your message through the online noise. 

Here’s a complete list of social media marketing platforms we support: 

  • Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube 
  • Messaging Apps – Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram 
  • China Digital Marketing – WeChat, Weibo 

1.4 Content Marketing 

Our content marketing strategies steered towards creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to engage and maintain a clearly defined audience. We create SEO-friendly articles, social media post copyimages, GIF animation, photography and video productions.  

2. Proven and Certified Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia 

We are a certified Google Partner with proven knowledge of Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Video Ads. This includes SEM, Keyword Planner, and Google Analytics in particular. Besides that, we also have the highest access level to Facebook Developers’ Marketing APIenabling us to manage and optimise your ads efficiently. 

Here’s the full list of ourmedia partnerships and affiliations: 

Certified digital marketing agency

3. 14 Years of Digital Marketing Experiences

IH Digital has 14 years of digital marketing experiences in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns across various industries. We have an operating office in Malaysia and a few SEA offices to help companies grow their online brands both domestically and internationally. 

Over the years, our Malaysia team have supported the country’s leading companies in major sectorwith data-driven strategic marketing planning and execution. This includes healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods, beauty, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, engineering, government and public, oil and gas and more. 

Case Study 

Leveraging Social Media: Men’s Biore Campaign to Promote Product’s New Packaging 

With the relaunch of the product with new packaging, Kao Men’s Biore ran a social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to increase product awareness. Social media postings, social media ads and contest are among the social media marketing strategies implemented throughout the campaign.  

Digital marketing agency-social media marketing

Content Marketing Solution: Kao MY Biore Campaign to Introduce New Products  

Attractive creatives are the critical success factors for a marketing campaign. In the Biore UV Summer Limited Edition Products Campaign, Kao Biore used vibrant visuals such as GIF, photography to grab audiences’ attention on Facebook and Instagram and induce them to purchase the newly-launched limited edition products. 

Digital marketing agency content marketing

YouTube Ad: GSC Movies Campaign to Promote New Movie Releases 

GSC Movies launched a non-skippable video ad campaign on YouTube to boost the audiences’ awareness of the upcoming Korean movie releases and encourage movie fans to buy the tickets. 

Digital marketing agency youtube ad

Looking for A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia 

Let us take care of your digital marketing initiatives while you focus on your business. Hiring a digital marketing agency with extensive experience is one of your best options.  

Let our digital marketing experts improve your marketing effort from A to Z. Get in touch with our Malaysia office today. 

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Kao Merries Used Social Media Ads to Promote Products Online

Kao Merries Paid Social Ads

Kao Merries is Japan’s No.1 baby diaper brand that provides diapers with superb absorbency, exceptional breathability and ultra-softness to give babies gentle and comfortable wear.

With the launch of the all-new limited edition Tender Love Tape Diapers, Kao Merries Malaysia wanted to raise new product awareness and ultimately increase sales of the new diapers.  

Therefore, they launched a media campaign on Facebook, aiming to increase the sales in Lazada. ­With this key objective, the brand promoted the page posts with Photo Ad and Carousel Ad, each comes with a call-to-action link, directing the audiences to Merries Lazada store to encourage purchase.
Merries Fb post photo ad

Photo Ads on Facebook Feed

Carousel Ad Carousel Ads on Facebook Feed

Increase Store Exposure with Social Media Ads 

Social media ad is a great option for businesses that want to promote a newly-launched product as it offers the quickest and most effective ways to connect with our target audience.

Interested to promote your online product with social media ads? Contact us to schedule a consultation with our marketing experts.

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM and SEO.   

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.  

IH Digital is a member of  Digital 38  Group.  

Social Media Marketing

Use LINE Official Account to Enter Thailand Market

LINE official account

LINE is the most popular social messaging app in Thailand, with  84% of internet users in Thailand  reporting that they’re actively using this platform as in January 2020That’s right much more popular than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. More than 60% of mobile internet users are spending up to 1 hour on the platform per day. If you‘re looking to expand your business into Thailandyou must have your LINE Official Account set up and verified. 

Thailand most-used active social platforms

Source: Data Reportal, 2020 

What You Can Do with LINE Official Account? 

LINE Official Account allows you to create a LINE account for your business and connect with your customers. Here’s the low down on the features and benefits of using LINE for marketing: 

  1. Diverse content formats – you can use text, images, videosvoice messages or stickers to communicate with followers 
  2. Broadcast message followers will receive your messages via push notifications, which is highly visible 
  3. Coupon and reward card  you can use coupons to turn your followers into regular customers and set the redemption limit  
  4. Survey  you can create a questionnaire to collect followers’ information  
  5. Insight Analytics – gain valuable insight to analyse your page performance 

To use these functions, you need to set up a LINE Official Account. Below are the steps to create an account. 

How to Create a LINE Official Account?

Using LINE for business requires a LINE Official Account (OA). To help you get started with LINE marketing, we’ve created an ultimate guide to walk you through the Line Official Account application process.  


Create a LINE Official Account 

To create a LINE OA, you are required to sign up with a Thai mobile phone number. After getting your Thai mobile number, you can start creating an OA by submitting the business information. If you’re having a hard time creating an OA in Thailet us help. 

Verify LINE Official Account  

There are several types of LINE business accounts: Unverified Account, Verified Account and Premium Account. The new account you created is normally unverified and need to pass a review to become verified. 

A Verified Account appears easily in the LINE in-app search results and able to run LINE Gain Friends Ad. Other than that, payment and other selected features are also expanded. If your company has a Thailand entitywe can help you verify your OA.  

LINE Official Account Types

Upgrade to Premium ID 

When you sign up for a LINE Official Account, you will get an account ID automatically. Standard and Verified account comes with Basic ID which is randomly mixed among alphabets and numbers.  

This is less than ideal when using LINE for business, so we recommend that you upgrade to a Premium Account. With a Premium Accountyou can create a customised ID for your brand. This will allow your brand to be more searchable and gain more friends. 

Upgrade Monthly Broadcast Message Plan  

After creating an OA, you will be able to send Broadcast Message and push out promotional content. Whenever you send a Broadcast Message, your Friends will receive a push notification, making it highly visible. 

The number of messages that can be broadcasted with default Free plan is very limited. You will need to upgrade your plan to reach more users. LINE provides two additional paid plans, Light and Standard. Each has a limitation in the number of messages and a rate for an additional message. 

LINE Official Account messaging plan

LINE Official Account Subscription Plan. Source: LINE 

If you need help in writing and setting up the broadcast message, greeting message, auto-response message and quick reply in Thailet us know. 

Case Studies: Brands That Enter Thailand Market Through LINE  

1. Bayer Rice (@bayerthairice) – German agriculture brand 

Bayer Rice LINE Official Account

2. Sanitarium (@sanitariumthailand) – Australia dairy brand 

Sanitarium LINE Official Account

 3. Swarovski (@swarovskithailand) – Austria jewellery brand 

Swarovski LINE Official Account

 4. The History of Whoo (@thehistoryofwhooth) – Korea beauty brand 

The History of Whoo LINE

 5. Charles and Keith (@charleskeith_th) – Singapore fashion brand 

Charles and Keith LINE Official Account

 6. Secret Recipe (@secret_recipe) – Malaysia food brand 

Secret Recipe LINE Official Account

Expand into Thai Market with LINE Official Account  

There are several hurdles in setting up a LINE Official Account, and it is essential to be competent in the Thai language to complete the setup. Seeking help from a LINE marketing agency may help speed up and ease the application process for you.  

If you’re ready to take on the Thailand digital marketing venture, talk to our LINE marketing experts to get started. 

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.  

 Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages. 

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group. 

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Which Is the Best Platform to Build an Online Store – Lazada, Shopee or Shopify?

Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Online Store – Lazada, Shopee Or Shopify

2020 has been wild ride for e-commerce, hundreds of millions of people are already shopping online, and there’s an increasing rate in ecommerce adoption. The online retail industry is highly competitive. If you want to build an online storeit’s essential to know which is the right ecommerce platform for your business. 

What Is the Best Ecommerce Platform? 

  1. Shopify – best for getting up and running quickly 
  2. Lazada – platform with large user base 
  3. Shopee – best for beginners to start at low cost 
  4. Wix – the best all-around e-commerce platform 
  5. BigCommerce – best for large volume sellers 
  6. Squarespace – best for highquality templates  
  7. Square – best for selling in person and online 
  8. Magento – flexible platform that gives you complete freedom 
  9. WooCommerce – best for business with existing WordPress site 
  10. Volusion – excellent analytics features 

If you’re finding the right platform to launch your online store, here’s the low-down on the 3 leading ecommerce platforms – Shopify, Lazada and Shopee. 

1. Shopify: End-To-End Solution for Business Owners 

Shopify Online Store

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that allow entrepreneurs and small-to-medium size businesses to build their brand’s e-commerce store fast. If you want an e-commerce store that you can fully manage from backend: from storefront design to content marketing to performance analytics, we recommend Shopify.  

These are the main pros and cons that we think you can expect to encounter if you choose Shopify: 


  • Impressive sales features 
  • Supports multi-channel selling 
  • Easy to customize themes and layouts 
  • Quick and easy setup 


  • Transaction Fees 
  • Can be costly for those starting a new online store 
  • Doesn’t support international currency without third party apps  

 2. Lazada: Southeast Asian Giant 

Lazada is the e-commerce leader in Southeast Asia with 137 million monthly visitors. Lazada is owned by Alibaba. That means you will be competing with cheaper Chinese products. However, if your brand offers unique and exclusive products, it’s a good place to start due to its large user base. 

The following are some takeaways with things to keep in mind when choosing Lazada: 


  • Easy in-house shipping assistance 
  • Large user-base 


  • Higher levels of competition with Chinese products 
  • More costly marketplace fees and accompanying payments with each sale 

3. Shopee: A Force to Be Reckoned With 

Shopee online store Shopee has a smaller market compared to Lazada, but the main attraction for sellers of Shopee is that it is commissionfree, unlike Lazada where you have to pay commission and payment fee per order. Shopee is the go-to platform if you want to start selling online at low cost and make big money. Here’s what we think are the most important things to remember: 


  • Commission-free selling 
  • Free shipping 


  • A smaller market as opposed to that of Lazada’s  
  • No direct communication with the buyerapart from comments and reviews 

Now you may have figured out which is the best platform for your business, here’s what you need to make your online store a success. 

Grow Your Online Store with Digital Marketing Strategies  

If you’re looking for an e-commerce agency that provides A-to-Z support from start to profit, you’re in the right place. IH Digital offers online store setup, creative executions and marketing services under one roof. 

1. Setup Online Store 

To start selling online, the first thing you need to do is to set up an e-commerce store. You can either list your products on Lazada and Shopee or establish your own Shopify website.   

Each platform has different requirements for setting up a business, so it’s always a good idea to speak to an e-commerce agency like Digital 38 to get professional advice and online store set up. 

2. Enhance Product Listing  

Your success on online e-commerce platform depends on your use of imagery to drive attention and traffic to your product pages. It means you need high-resolution photos, including close-up images and multiple angles that give the viewer enough visual information to make up for an inability to touch the product.  

If you are competing with another company to sell the same product, providing a higher quality photo can make your version of the product more appealing, it entices viewers to make a purchase.   

Our content team is familiar with product shooting and creating visual content in different formatsThe amount, type, and quality of images we use for e-commerce can not only help to support your ongoing visual design efforts but also increase your seller authority by enhancing the perceived value of products. Contact us if you need help in creating visual content. 

IH's product photography

Examples of IH Digital’s product photography 

3. Improve Product Ranking with Keywords  

Aside from producing appealing product photos, it’s also important to have well-written copy. While the image is what gets people to stopthe copy is what convinces them to click through to your page and make a purchase. 

Before getting clicks, you must improve the product listing ranking in search results so that your product can be found easilyTo rank high in search results, you must research keywords that people are using to search for your productTo convert them into paying customers, you must have certain level of copywriting skills to write concise, engaging copy that clearly defines the product you’re selling and encourages purchases. 

If you’re having a hard time researching keyword or writing product descriptions that convert, let us help. 

4. Increase Store Exposure with Social Media Marketing  

Once you’ve set up an online store, you then need to think about how you’re going to get people to visit your store. Nobody will discover your online store unless you take the initiative to tell your audience. That’s why online marketing activities is crucial. 

You can do regular postings, advertising or social media campaign to build awareness and brand trust. In Facebook and Instagram, you can take your social media posts a step further by creating shoppable posts that include a link directing consumers to your product page.  

Instagram shoppable post of Augustinus Bader SG

Instagram shoppable post of Augustinus Bader SG 

Social media ads of Kao Men’s Biore

Social media ads of Kao Men’s Biore #ExtraPowerRefresh Campaign 

GIF post of Kao Liese Dimensional Color Campaign  

Managing your e-commerce company’s digital marketing strategy takes a lot of time to learn and perfect. When you have other essential duties to handle, dedicating the right amount of effort to ecommerce marketing may not be possible.  

And here lies the benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency. We can professionally develop various forms of content, implement and analyse your e-commerce marketing strategy. 

Ready to Start Your E-Commerce Business? 

Regardless of what platform you choose to sell on, your online store’s success largely depends on a proper digital marketing strategy. If you want to drive traffic and sales for your online business, that’s what we can help.  

Starting an online business is not a simple task. It requires a lot of hard work, so let us help you simplify that. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our e-commerce marketing experts. 

Explore More Social E-Commerce Article: 

About IH Digital  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy,  Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM and SEO.   

 Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.  

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.  


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Kao Liese Leveraged on Social Media Marketing to Promote New Dimensional Colors

Kao Liese Dimensional Color new

Kao Liese is Japan’s No.1 hair-styling brand that focuses on long-established “know-hows” of hair colouring trends. 

The Challenge

With the launch of the 3 new shades of Creamy Bubble Color, Kao Liese wanted to raise awareness of their new products, at the same time to strengthen their image as an easy-to-use product with a wide variety of colours.

The Idea

Since their audience spent most of the time on Facebook and Instagram, so we decided to launch a social media campaign – Liese Dimensional Colors to increase new product awareness while highlighting the simple steps to DIY hair colours at home with Creamy Bubble Color.

The campaign was divided into 2 phases: launch and educate. It ran simultaneously on two channels – Facebook and Instagram, with multiple marketing strategies delivering results for the objective set.

Phase 1: Launch with GIF Post and Giveaway Contest

The brand revealed the 3 new shades of Creamy Bubble Color through a GIF post, and the post was used to encourage the audience participation in the giveaway contest. Every participant must like, comment and share the post to win a new Liese Dimensional Colors, thus soaring the engagement high.

Besides, to spread the words about the 3 new shades, we have utilized KOLs who had values and beauty routines that resonated well with the audience. 

KOLs across the country was engaged to promote and share the new shades that they loved through social media. As their followers take much regard for what they say, so we let the influencers do most of the talking to guide the audience on the product usage, review the product, as well as to shout out to retailers.

Phase 2: Educate the Audience on Product Usage with Tutorial Video

To top off this marketing campaign, we also created a tutorial video to demonstrate the simple steps to achieve the Japanese salon-inspired hair colour with Creamy Bubble Color. This helped to showcase the effects of each shade.

The Results

By running a social media campaign, Liese not only increased product awareness among the audience but also facilitated social media page growth:


  • 400k audience reached


  • 30% increase in page followers

Ready to Create Your Social Media Campaign?

Social media campaign is a great option if you want to promote your brand or product fast and on a large scale. When you launch a social media campaign that gets out the word about your new product, people aware of your new product and you create audiences’ interest in buying your product.

No ideas on how to promote your product with social media campaign? Contact us to schedule a consultation with our social media marketing experts.

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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Why You Can’t Ignore Instagram Marketing?

With over 500 million daily users and everyone from teens to millennials sharing and viewing photos and videos, Instagram is no longer considered simply an awareness-driven tool. As a matter of fact, Instagram is a marketing force to be reckoned with.

As of October 2020, Instagram has grown to a whopping 1 billion monthly active usersIt positions Instagram behind Facebook (2.7 billion) but ahead of most other social media platforms, including TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest.

Although Facebook is leading in numbers, Instagram has better statistics particularly in terms of engagement. All in all, Facebook has more reach but Instagram wins in gaining a very strong following.

Instagram content creation

Monthly Active users of Social Platforms in Oct 2020. Source: Datareportal

Instagram Is the King of Social Engagement

Instagram is perceived as the “King of social engagement”, delivering 29% more engagement than Facebook and 60% more than Twitter. 63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day. This takes high performing text content and visual content into consideration.

Unlike Facebook, there are no links allowed in posts and comments on Instagram. Brands trying to build a following must invest in visually appealing content to keep engagement high. And this real engagement turns into sales and loyal customers. 

Creating on-going visual content on Instagram is a highly demanding task in terms of time and creativity. If you need extra hands, let us know.

Instagram content creation

Instagram content creation

Examples of IH Digital’s product photography

Instagram Becomes More Commerce Friendly

Instagram users are more than simply engaged, they’re also online shoppers. 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website after looking at an Instagram advertising post. Over 70% of Instagram users report making purchase decisions while browsing the app so if you’re not incorporating it into your social media marketing, you’re missing out billions of potential customers.

In addition, Instagram continuously adding new features to gear towards increasing the platform’s effectiveness for business owners. In November 2020, Instagram launched the product tagging feature, where a business owner can take advantage of Shoppable posts to direct users to their online stores.

Augustinus Bader Instagram Shop

Shoppable post on Instagram

Over 130 million users engage with shopping posts every month, proving that this feature is useful in driving both product awareness and sales. While direct sales usually aren’t the primary function of social media, there’s no doubt that having high conversion rates is an unexpected bonus.

Interested in driving sales conversion through Instagram? Contact us to learn how to leverage Instagram for e-commerce marketing.

Don’t Miss Out A Good Chance to Build Engagement

To make the most of the marketing potential of Instagram, you need to invest your time in creative execution and leverage on conversion-driven features. Contact us if you have more questions about Instagram Marketing.

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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Why Should You Use Facebook Shops to Sell Shopify Products?

Why Use Facebook Shops to Sell Shopify Products.pptx

In May 2020, Shopify announced its partnership with Facebook to help businesses launch Facebook Shops. If you are a Shopify store owner, heres what you should know about Facebook Shops and what it means for your Shopify business. This partnership enables Shopify merchants to sell via popular social media platforms. 

If youre already selling products on Shopify, this shop will be new channel to power all of your sales and marketing activity across the Facebook family of apps. You can control the customisation and merchandising for your storefront inside Facebook and Instagram while managing the products, inventory, orders, and fulfilment from Shopify. 

Not sure how to utilisthe Shopify Facebook Channel? Let’s delve into what you can do with Facebook Shops to grow your online business. 

You Can Create Tagged Posts to Showcase Your Products 

Once you have set up a Facebook Shop, you can start tagging products in your post. This ensures that everyone who views your posts will know about the products available in your Shop.  

In the example below from  Nike, users can see the product listings in the post as the products are tagged in the photo. When users click on the tags, they are directly sent to the Facebook Shop to view the product details, and possibly, visit your Shopify store to make purchases.

Remember that you cannot tag a product in a Facebook or Instagram post unless you have your shop set up. If you want to create a shop on Facebook or Instagramcontact IH Digital to get started right away.

Image source: Nike Facebook Shop

You Can Capitalise on Facebook’s Social Engagement to Expose Your Brand

When you create a post tagging your products in Facebook Shops, users can like them, share them with friends, or leave a comment asking a question. These engagements work as a powerful marketing tactic to expose your brand to new audiences in the best possible way – through a friend.  

People are heavily influenced by the opinions and actions of others. When there is real person recommending or leaving positive reviews for your product, new audiences will likely think that your shop sells good products and eventually buy from you. 

However, not all posts can gain a high engagement as you desired. To encourage people to interact with your post, you need to create product images that are eye-catching and engaging. Content creation is a complicated process that might require you to do the product shooting, graphic design and even copywriting. This is why you need a content marketing agency to support you. 

If you need help in producing high-quality and engagement-driven contents, contact us to take up this labor-intensive task for you. 

You Can Reduce Friction in the Sales Process 

Many customers do not like complicated checkout process. The more pages you make customers jump through, the more likely they will change their mind or get distracted and not complete their purchase. So, you have to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. 

Facebook Shop streamlines the customer buying journey from discovery to purchase. Users can browse and shop your products in the same window they are using to chat with friends. When they have decided what to purchase, you can easily send them to your Shopify website to check out – with a call-to-action button, “Check Out on Website”.

Augustinus Bader Facebook Shops

Image Source: Augustinus Bader Facebook Shop

Get Ready to Sell Shopify Products on Facebook Channel 

To expand your online business, you’ll likely add new channelsSetting up your Facebook Shop is the first step. It helps to get more eyes on your products, boost conversions, and speed up purchasing for your store, which you will not be able to do with Shopify alone. 

Want to set up a shop on Facebook to grow your online business? Contact us today for a consultation.

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Ecommerce Marketing: Use Instagram to Promote Your Shopify Store


The on-going ecommerce boom sees businesses of all sizes flocking to set up online stores using services like Shopify to capitalise on consumers’ increasing propensity to shop onlineOne key element for a successful ecommerce venture is effective social media marketing to promote the store.  

Ecommerce marketing on Instagram can be a sales powerhouse for Shopify stores. This platform generates a higher engagement rate compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Instagram Shopping: Direct traffic to Shopify stores

Instagrais making a serious push into ecommerce with the launch of its tap-to-shop feature – Instagram Shopping in October 2017, opening the possibility of selling through Instagram for thousands of Shopify merchants. 

It allows businesses to promote Shopify products on Instagram by tagging the product in post and storieslinking users to their Shopify store’sproduct pages. This feature is available across a wide range of markets globally and is a great way for brands to showcase their products to an engaged audience. 

In November 2020, Instagram added a ‘Shop’ tab on the main navigation bar as an ecommerce marketing tool that enables Shopify stores to capture customers directly from the Instagram app.  

Instagram shop tab for ecommerce marketing

Instagram ‘Shop’ tab replaced ‘Activity’ tab I Image source: Search Engine Journal

Instagram Posts motivate purchases 

Among Instagram users, half follow at least one business. Businesses that post content regularly are not only able to build connections with their audience, but are able to drive conversions as well.   

60% of users say that they learn about a product or service on Instagram and that they had been inspired to take an action, such as visiting a website, searching, shopping or telling a friend.  

Who should use Instagram as ecommerce marketing platform

Instagram provides an excellent opportunity for companies trying to reach a younger demographic. Compared to Facebook which is preferred by matured adults, Instagram has younger user base where up to 60% of users are in the 18-34 year old bracket.

This app is all about discovery, young adults use Instagram to keep up with celebrity news, trends, to discover new products, and for lifestyle tipsAnd since Instagram is a visual-dominant platform it would be suitable for beauty and fashion brands targeting younger audiences. 

IG Users in Oct 2020

Distribution of Instagram users worldwide as of October 2020 I Image source: 

Implement Instagram marketing to boost your Shopify sales 

Keen on driving conversion for your Shopify stores 

Schedule a consultation with our digital marketing experts to learn how we can help promote your Shopify store on Instagram. 

About IH Digital  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

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TikTok: Probably the Best Education Marketing Platform In 2021/2022

TikTok Education Platform

With the rising trend of micro learning, TikTok is now opening new opportunities for education marketing. TikTok’s popularity is truly something to behold: in September 2020, it became the most downloaded social networking app on the planet. As seen in the statistics below, this app hit more than 61 million installs globally, surpassing both giant social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram.  

To gain traction on Facebook and Instagram, you have to first build a network of followers who are interested in seeing your posts and potentially widen the reach. In TikTok, it’s exactly the opposite. If your created super content, it may be seen by as many as one million people. Contact IH Digital to help you in content marketing. 

Top Apps Worldwide for September 2020 by Downloads (Non-Game) | Photo credit: SensorTower 

TikTok Conquers Young Audiences 

Compared to Facebook, TikTok has the perfect audience for your education marketing campaign. The app has skyrocketed among teens and young adultsBelow is the breakdown of each platform’s demographics: 

  • Facebook: Preferred by mature audiences, mostly working adults and older  
  • TikTok: Heavily focus on teenagers  

In fact, 57% TikTok users in SEA are between the ages of 18 and 35 years, whereas majority of Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 39 yearsAs might be expected, you can directly reach the young users through age-based ad targeting option.

Though Facebook is a well-established platform, they still haven’t managed to overtake TikTok in attracting the attention of young adults. But what drew young generation to this app 

TikTok is known for its short-burst video with 15 to 60 secondswhich is highly preferred by young adolescents with 8-second attention span. Expanding from entertaining videos to educational videos, the user-generated contents on TikTok are getting more insightful, while remaining its fanciness. This is something hard to be found on such of Facebook and Instagram. 

Next, we’ll be revealing why this video-sharing app is a good platform for education marketing.  

TikTok Becomes an Online Learning Platform

In mid-year 2020micro learning trend emerged on TikTok, ushered by the launch of #LearnOnTikTok Program that encourages education institutions, and real-world professional experts to bring creative education videos to the platform.  

Learn onTikTok

Let’s look at a few examples of how the education institutions are using this platform.

1) Management and Science University(MSU) 

Management and Science University (@musmalaysiashowcases all aspects of campus life, events and telling the story of their school. They makcurrent students feel engaged while giving prospective students a glimpse into what life at MSU is like.  

MSU TikTok video

2) Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University (@tsinghua_university) sees TikTok as a recruiting tool. They post fun, engaging video content like showcasing robots that can play music instruments.  

Tshinghua University TikTok Video

3) Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Singapore 

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Singapore sees TikTok as a student recruitment tool. They partnered with a content house, SGAG, to publicise their Early Admissions Exercise with a comedy skit. Ads were launched to encourage more application sign-ups.  

NYP TikTok edu video ad

In Malaysia, users’ interest in education videos is increasing from Jan to Jun 2020 with over 78 million views of the hashtag of #TikTokGuru. This local learning community creates an education marketing opportunity to reach the students by taking learning out of classroom. 

tiktok edu community

Want to run education marketing campaign on TikTok? Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

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IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.