Our Digital Partners

Our Digital Partners

Google Partner

Baidu Authorized Reseller

Singapore Government Accredited

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IH Digital is a Google Partner with proven knowledge on Google advertising products. Our digital specialists have passed certification in Google AdWords and have access to Google training and support.

This shows that our team is made up of qualified, experienced individuals trained to help you improve your campaigns.

IH Digital’s China arm, IH Digital China is an authorized Baidu reseller since 2014, allowing us to resell Baidu advertising throughout Southeast Asia, except for Singapore.

Our media specialists are readily trained in Baidu Search, Baidu Display (Baidu Union) and a range of other Baidu Premium offerings.

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IH Singapore is one of the chosen digital agencies by the Singapore Government to carry out its whole-of-government (WOG) initiatives.

Appointed by the Ministry of Communications and Information, accredited agencies are responsible for creative conceptualizing, planning, execution and media buying services for whole-of-government (WOG) communication campaigns.

Search for IH Singapore here: www.GeBiz.gov.sg

SAP’s Marketing Service Bureau (MSB)

Sina Weibo


IH Digital has been certified to be on SAP’s Marketing Service Bureau (MSB) for the Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region.

The MSB is a panel of preferred marketing service agencies that support SAP partners  in the marketing of their services in helping clients buy, build, implement, service, support and run the SAP solution that best fits their unique marketing needs.

Marketing services offered by IH Digital for SAP partners are available on the SAP Virtual Agency portal. SAP partners purchasing our services through this portal can apply to SAP for funding support.

IH Digital is appointed Sina Weibo’s Official Partner Agency in Southeast Asia.

This partnership allows IH Digital to provide Sina Weibo advertising solutions as well as Weibo account verification services to businesses outside China. These services will be provided via the company offices located throughout Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.

Meituan-Dianping is China’s largest group deals site, reaching up to 10 million orders and deliveries daily. As of June 2016, there are over 180 million monthly active users and 600 million registered users.

With more than 2.1 Chinese million tourists visiting Singapore annually, we believe that Meituan-Dianping will help you to reach out to the Chinese audience.

Our Partners and Digital Solutions

iRiver Asia



Travel141, content marketing, social media marketing, Singapore Travel, Thailand Travel

Yazhou Property


iRiver Asia is a Digital Marketing Company that specializes in Web Publishing, Digital Marketing, and Digital Solutions.

We are focused on creating relevant content in multiple languages targeted to attract hard-to-reach audience across Asia and developing various business intelligence solutions to help marketers efficiently and accurately achieve marketing goals.

Travel141 provides the latest travel news, deals, reviews, and guides for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is an invaluable library for all your future holidays available in five languages:

Yazhou Property is a Lifestyle Website for Overseas Properties across Asia. We connect property developers with foreign buyers interested to buy overseas properties in Asia via three websites in different languages:

IRIS 365

consultancy and research, digital research, digital trends, digital reports, digital marketing agency

IRIS 365 is a business intelligence suite that is dedicated to transforming your business by providing innovative digital solutions, integrated tools, and diverse platforms that help businesses automate processes, generate valuable data and reach their objectives.

IRIS 247

content marketing, blogger, influencer, talent, blogger management, social media marketing, social media marketing agency

IRIS 247 helps marketers find the right online influencers and talents to support their marketing campaigns.

We look for talents and bloggers who have the right voice in conveying the brand’s message and are able to send the message across relevant digital and on-ground channels to reach the right target audience.

IRIS Venues

iris wedding venues, wedding booking, content marketing,

IRIS Wedding Venues is where soon-to-wed couples turn to for the easiest and most convenient way to find a wedding venue.

We take the guesswork out of venue hunting, providing couples with a hand-picked directory of the best wedding venues in Singapore.